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Accounting Codes


Accounting codes can be created and then be associated with settlement types, credit/debit memos, RCF types, and transaction types. Accounting codes added in Resware allow easier importing of transactions into a company’s accounting software.  A requirement can be added to restrict disbursements without an associated accounting code to ensure their inclusion on transactions as needed.  Additional accounting code fields are available on partner companies, action list transaction types, action list product types, and counties, which are only used in custom reporting.

Internal user roles

Admin/Internal User

The following internal user roles are available and typically given to users who are Resware administrators.

  • Enable Admin: Accounting Codes to allow a user to manage accounting codes in Resware.
  • Enable Settlement: Override Disbursement Restrictions: Require Accounting Code to allow a user to override any accounting code restriction set in Settlement Type Defaults, Transaction Types, and Partner Wire Information.

Accounting codes

Accounting codes can be added, edited, or deleted on this panel.  If an accounting code is in use on a file, it can’t be deleted; it can only be disabled.  It is recommended that the code match the chart of accounts used for the company’s accounting system.  This is essential when importing transactions from Resware into an accounting system.

Admin/Accounting/Accounting Codes

  • Click Add.
  • Enter a Name such as Settlement Fees.
  • Enter a Code that matches with the company’s accounting system chart of accounts number.
  • Click Save.

Accounting codes set on settlement type defaults

Accounting codes can be associated with each settlement line to correspond to revenue and expense accounts in the company’s accounting system.

Admin/General Setup/Settlement Type Defaults

  • Highlight a settlement line where accounting codes are needed.
  • Click Edit.

  • Click Add in the Accounting Codes area to select the accounting code(s) available for the settlement line.  Note: Multiple accounting codes on a settlement line will allow for a user to select one on a file.
  • Click the Default checkbox on an accounting code to assign it as the default option for the settlement line in files.
  • Optionally, click on Require an Accounting Code to Receipt or Disburse Items of this Type.  Users will not be able to receipt or disburse a transaction containing an item of this type unless an accounting code is selected or the user has the internal user role: Settlement: Override Disbursement Restrictions: Require Accounting Code.

Note:  Transactions After Closing types (1401 & 1402) will always have all accounting codes available, regardless of what is set in this area.

  • Example:

Accounting codes set on credit/debit memo reasons

Admin/Accounting/Credit/Debit Memo Reasons

Select an Accounting Code from the dropdown menu to set the accounting code on a credit or debit memo generated with the associated Reason.

  • Example:

Accounting codes set on RCF types

Admin/Accounting/Request for Company Funds/Request Types

  • Select an Accounting Code from the dropdown menu to set it on the RCF type.

  • Example:

Accounting codes set on transaction types

Admin/Accounting/Transaction Types

Accounting codes can be added to receivables ledger and bills ledger transaction types.

  • Multiple accounting codes added to a transaction type will allow a user to select one on a file.
  • An accounting code can be set as the default option and will auto-populate on a file.

Bills ledgers

  • If Override Pulled Accounting Code with Default is checked, then on the File/Bills panel when Get Fees From Settlement is selected, the existing accounting code set on the settlement item will be removed and will be replaced with the transaction type’s default accounting code.

  • Example:

Receivables ledgers

  • If Require an Accounting Code to Invoice Items of this Type is checked, then users will not be allowed to generate an invoice containing this transaction type unless an accounting code is selected.

  • Example:

Accounting code restriction for partner wires

Admin/Partners/Wire Information

  • Check Require Accounting Code to restrict wire disbursement to the partner without an accounting code.

  • Example:

Accounting code fields used in custom reporting

The following areas of Resware have accounting code fields are used in custom reporting only. These accounting code fields are informational only and are not related to the accounting codes set up in the above steps.


Admin/Action Lists/Transaction Types

Admin/Action Lists/Product Types

Admin/General Setup/Geography/Counties

Updated on January 5, 2022

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