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Action Group: Remove Fees by Partner


This demonstrates the use of an action group that gives the ability to adjust fees for a partner while still utilizing the standard fees group associated to all clients.

Creating an Action Group

 Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups 

Click New to create a new action group called Remove Pricing.

  • Change the User Can Add this Action Group to Files in Offices to Selected and do not add an office to prevent user(s) from adding the group to a file from the Actions tab.
  • Leave all of the other options to All.
  • Click Save.

Assigning “Pricing Group” to an action list

Admin/Action Lists/Action Lists

  • Clicking Edit Action Groups to associate the Remove Pricing group with all applicable action lists.

  • Click Add Group(s) to locate the Remove Pricing group.

  • Find the Remove Pricing group and select it.
  • Also, check Add to Action List as Optional.
  • click OK.

Note: By checking Add to Action List as Optional, this will not add the group on every file.

Offset standard pricing from standard pricing group

In this example, the client does not want one of their lenders to be charged a Recording Service Fee of $50, which is programmed to be added to all clients.

On the Standard Fees fee group that is assigned to all clients, the Recording Service Fee programmed at $50.

  • To offset the Recording Service Fee on the lender’s profile, click on HUD Fees from Admin/Partners.

  • Select Partner Specific to alter the fees on this screen.  With the product where the fee is programmed in the Standard Fees group selected.
  • Change the Optional Action Group to Remove Pricing.
  • Offset the fee by adding the same amount that is programmed in the Standard Fees group as a negative amount.

Note: If the fee is on a miscellaneous line, the fee will need to be named the same as it is programmed on the Standard Fees group.

Associate “Remove Pricing Group” to the client products

Admin/Partners/Client Products

  • Click Add to add the Remove Pricing group while the product is selected.  This can be added by state or to all states.

  • In this example, the fee is being removed in all states.
  • Once the Remove Pricing group is added, click the Enabled link to enable all states, which will add the group for this client only for the products/states that are selected.

When the client places an order, the $50 Recording Service Fee will be added, but, because the Remove Pricing group is added to the file at order placement, the fee will be automatically removed when the specified lender is added to the file. 

Additional Notes

  • Programming this on a client’s client as the partner type in place of a lender will provide the ability to quote this fee at the adjusted price when the order is placed, as long as the client selects the client’s client at order placement.
  • In addition to removing a fee completely, it can also be programmed to reduce a fee or add more to the fee the same way.  To do this, adjust the negative amount accordingly or add a positive amount to add additional money to the standard fee.
  • Even though the group is being added to all files that are programmed for this client, it will only change the fee when one of the partners with the fee programmed is added to the file.
Updated on January 5, 2022

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