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Action Groups: Group Automation


This demonstrates how to give the user the ability to only add automation to the file when it is needed instead of adding it at order placement. Doing this keeps unnecessary data from being stored in the database and gives the ability to change automation without backdating the changes to as many files.

Creating Automation Groups

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups

Determine the actions in the life of the file that can be grouped together and separated, then create all the groups that are needed by clicking the New button. 

Above is an example of the grouped sections that will be needed from opening the file to issuing the policy.

Adding the Actions to Each Group

  • Add all of the associated actions to each of the groups by highlighting the group and click the Edit Actions button from Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups.

It may be easier to add all of the actions to each of the groups first, so the automation can be followed, which may make it easier to start adding the affects to each of the actions.

Connecting the Groups

After all of the actions have been added together and all of the affects within the actions have been created, the groups can be connected by adding an action affect to the last action in each group.

  • To add an affect, highlight the last action in the group and click Edit Affects.

  • In the Complete Task Marked Done Affects panel, click Add.

  • In 2 – Marking Done Creates Group, select the next group in the process in the Group drop down and the appropriate option in the Create Type drop down.

The screen should now look similar to the one below. The system will now add the “Grouped – Typing Automation” group to the file when the last action in the search group is completed.

  • Repeat these steps for each action that should add the next group in the file flow: The last action in each group will trigger the system to add the next group of automation.

**NOTE: Since only the Create Action Group area was utilized in the example above, it is assumed that the first action on the next group being added is marked to auto start when added to the file.

Updated on June 15, 2022

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