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Actions Filtered on Homepage


This demonstrates how to utilize the tabs and various search features on the homepage to identify actions due or needing attention. 


The tabs across the top of the actions box represent the teams.  If a user is assigned to a team, he or she will see their actions within the tabs.

My Actions

Checking the My Actions checkbox will display only actions specifically assigned to the current user, as opposed to the entire team’s actions.   Clicking on the My Actions tab will show actions specifically assigned to the current user across all teams.

Active Actions

Checking the Active Actions checkbox will display actions on which work is actively being done.  When a user double-clicks the action, the action is put on the “Active Actions” list.   If the user exits the file without completing the action, the action will be placed back into the pool of available actions.

Today’s Only

Checking the Today’s Only checkbox will display actions that are due today or overdue.  If the box is not checked, only actions due in the next three days will appear, unless a given action has its Display Offset set to a number greater than three on its action group.

One Action Per File

 Checking the One Action Per File checkbox will display only the single oldest action for each file.  If not checked, the list will contain all actions due on this file for the selected team.


Filter by client

Choosing a client from the Client dropdown will display the actions associated with the selected client.


Filter by action

 Selecting one specific action from the Action dropdown will display just that specific action for each file on which it appears.


Updated on March 11, 2022

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