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Adding/Adjusting Fees on Prior Orders


This demonstrates how to set up and give users the ability to add, remove, or adjust fees on a bulk of previously placed orders.

Creating an Action Group

 Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups

  • Click New to create a new action group called Adjust Pricing.

  • Change the User Can Add this Action Group to Files in Offices to Selected and do not add an office to prevent user(s) from adding the group to a file from the Actions tab.
  • Leave all of the other options to All.
  • Click Save.

Assigning “Pricing Group” to an Action List

 Admin/Action Lists/Action Lists

  • Click Edit Action Groups to associate the Adjust Pricing group to all applicable action lists.

  • Click Add Groups to locate the Adjust Pricing group.

  • Find the Adjust Pricing group and select it.
  • Check Add to Action List as Optional.
  • Click OK.

 Note: By checking Add to Action List as Optional, this is telling Resware not to add the group on every file.

Programming the Fee Adjustment on the Client’s or Clients’ Profile

In this example, the client has negotiated a lower abstract/search fee, from $295 to $195, for orders in CT.  This change needs to be backdated to all open files that have not yet closed and there are 100 files that need to be updated.


  • Edit the client, and click HUD Fees.

  • On the Partner HUD Fees screen, program the adjustment to lower the fees on the applicable files.

As seen above, Partner Specific is set to alter the fees on this screen.   Also, the state has been declared to CT and the Optional Action Group selected is the new group that was created and added to the action list.  The product type selected must be one that uses an action list with the optional group.  Under the Abstract or Title Search fee, -$100.00 is programmed.

Note:  If a manually added name is needed to be adjusted, it will need to be spelled identically for the adjustment to work.

Batch Process Assignment of the New Group to Applicable Files

Admin/Batch Process Actions

Now that the fee is programmed on the client(s), gather a list of the applicable files and add the new group to those files.

  • Enter the file numbers and then validate them by pressing the Validate button.  The system will give a notification if there are any file numbers that are not valid.  Select the new group that was created and that carries the programmed fees on the client in the Add Action Group to Files section.
  • Once the the files have been verified and are correct, click the Execute button.  This will add the group to the files and change the fee(s) accordingly.

Additional Notes

  • In this scenario, a fee was adjusted, but it can also remove a fee completely by adding the full fee as a negative number when programming the fee or it can add a new fee just by programming it on that group as well.
  • Please note that once the group is used, it cannot be used again if another fee needs to be programmed.  The process would need to be started over to add/adjust additional fees.
  • In this scenario, a fee was programmed on a specific state, but it can be also programmed for multiple states the same way or be used to program the fee on the default state level if the fee needed to be adjusted in more than one state.
Updated on March 11, 2022

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