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This artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant helps title agents provide enhanced customer service. Alanna processes natural language queries for Resware file-specific information such as status, documents, closing cost estimates, and more via text or chat. Alanna can also answer general office or title information questions. 

Contact: Sales
(214) 983-8850
Time/Cost: Contact vendor
DemoResware-Alanna webinar 03/24/2020
Resware-Alanna webinar 09/22/2020


Next Level Workflows Webinar Demo: April 18, 2023


This demonstrates how to set up and use the Alanna integration.

Begin here: Contact for further information or to register for services via email at or call at (214) 983-8850. Inform that the account will be for a Resware integration. The account information will be provided as well as a tenant ID and at least one outgoing text message number. Additionally, an install package for the API will be provided.

Next: Contact the Resware tech team at to assist with the necessary technical setup.

Next: Complete the steps in this job aid. The account information provided by will be needed to complete these steps.

Then: Test. For further assistance with customization, contact at

Version History

Pre 8.2603/05/2020Instructions and screenshots created in version 9.9
04/05/20212026510Partner: also set partner type to client allowing access to website for testing fees.

Enable Office Option

Admin/General Setup/Offices

  • Highlight the office using this integration and click Edit.
  • Click on the Web Services tab or use the Search field to locate the office option.
  • Click to enable the Enable Resware to Resware Order Submission office option.

Add an Automated Coordinator

Adding an automated coordinator type allows automated actions to be assigned to a specific coordinator, which keeps them separate from other actions in the workflow. 

Admin/Action Lists/Coordinator Types

  • Click Add.
  • Enter the Name as Automation. This will automatically populate the Display Name by default.
  • Select the Office where this coordinator will be used from the drop-down menu.
  • Skip this setting until the next step is performed to create the Automated team, then return to select the Default Team/User from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Save.

Add an Automated Team

Add a team that corresponds with the automated coordinator added in the above.


  • Click Add.
  • Enter the Team Name as Automation.
  • Select Automation as the Notification Coordinator Type.
  • Click Save.

NOTE: Return to the coordinator set up to set the Default Team/User to this new Automated team.

Create a New Partner Type

This partner type will allow for easy reference to the partner in the Resware configuration.

Admin/Partner-Related/Partner Types

  • Click Add.
  • Enter the Name as Artificial Intelligence.
  • Enter the Max per File as 1, which is the default.
  • Set the Locale Restriction to None, which is the default.
  • Select any other options that may be desired.
  • Click Save, Close.

Create an Alanna Partner


  • Click New.
  • Enter the Company Name as
  • Enter the partner’s information and set the Partner Type to Artificial Intelligence and Client.
    • NOTE: Adding partner type as client allows access on the website to estimate costs to test fees.
  • Click XML Config and select Enable XML Transmission of Notes and Documents and Don’t Also Send Notes and Documents via Email.
  • Click Save, Save.

NOTE: This partner will need to be added to each file using this integration service. It can be auto-added by another partner, by the action list, or manually added by a user.

Create a Partner Employee


  • Highlight the partner created above and click New in the partner employee area.
  • Enter First Name as integration services.
  • Enter the Email address as This email address is used to create outbound text messages from emails.
  • Enable this employee as the Primary Contact, which will set this employee to the primary contact by default when the partner is added to the file.
  • Click Enabled in the Website Access area, which allows the web/API services to be utilized.
  • Click Override Username and enter the Username as alannaAI.
  • Click Generate to populate a Password. This will ensure company-specific password requirements are met. Write down this password to use in the validation step.
  • In the Website Roles area, enable the following roles:
Website Roles Web Service Roles
Estimate CostsWeb Services: Add Documents
Estimate Costs: Balance Premium for CDWeb Services: Add Notes
Estimate Costs: Balance Premium for 2010HUDWeb Services: Estimate Costs as 2010 HUD
Estimate Costs: Itemize Recording Fees for CDWeb Services: Get Documents
Estimate Costs: Itemize Transfer Tax Fees for CDWeb Services: Get Notes
Estimate Costs: Request ChangesWeb Services: Order Placement
 Web Services: Search Files
  • Click Save.

NOTE: The email, username, and password for the employee will need to be provided to to ensure that can upload and retrieve documents and notes, place orders, and obtain cost estimates.

Password Validation


After a password is set or reset for a partner employee, the employee is required to enter a new password the next time they access the website. To ensure that this integration is set up correctly, log into the company’s Resware website with the username and password created in the prior step and create a new password. Provide this new password to

NOTE: It may be beneficial to set the expiration date of this password on the partner employee setup out for an extended period. Check with company-specific password security protocols to verify this will be acceptable or have a reminder in place to update this password as needed to ensure this integration’s service will not be interrupted.

NOTE: The Username and Password will be needed for the Alanna configuration step later in this job aid to ensure the documents are returned on the file’s Documents panel.

Client Partner

Each client partner sending orders through the integration needs to to auto-add the partner as the Artificial Intelligence partner type.


  • Search to Edit or select New to create a client partner.
  • Click Add in the Auto-Add Partners area and add the partner created in the prior step.
  • Repeat the above steps for each client partner that will use the integration.

Create a Note Tag Type

Admin/General Setup/Note Tag Types

  • Click Add and enter the Name as Alanna.
  • Click Select to choose a color.
  • Click Save.
  • To change the Priority Level, which is used for sorting on the Notes tab, highlight Alanna and use the Move Up/Move Down buttons to adjust.
  • Click Save.

Document Types

The following chart shows Alanna document types that can be mapped for download and upload. Follow the steps below to ensure the settings are accurate for each corresponding Resware document type. NOTE: Three document types are available for both download and upload.

Admin/Documents and Templates/Document Types

  • Click Edit to manage a document type that will be available through the integration.
  • On document types for download:
    • Select the Force Read Only checkbox or verify it is enabled.
    • In the Read Only for Partner Types area:
      • Verify that All is selected


  • Click Selected, then click Add and select the partner.
  • On document types for upload:
    • In the Website area, select Allow upload for Partner Types, then
      • Verify that All is selected
      • Or
      • Choose Selected, the click Edit and Add to select the Artificial Intelligence partner type, then click Add.

NOTE: Repeat the above steps for all document types to be used with this integration.

Create an Action Group with Email Templates can use existing workflow actions for most of its features. However, it is recommended that a specific action group be created to provide status updates to the users and for to be able to answer the question, “What is next?”

The status action group shown below includes outgoing email templates. These templates are used to trigger text notifications to the parties on the file based on the below keywords used in the email subject. Multiple keywords may be added by separating them with commas and spaces. Each party will then receive text messages from with the content of the email template.

Keywords currently supported:

Appraiser BuyerAtty ListingAgent Surveyor
Association Client Seller TaxCollector
AssociationMgtCo EscrowOfficer SellerAtty Underwriter
Buyer Lender SellingAgent  

Creating an email template

Admin/Action Lists/Email Templates

  • Click New.
  • Enter a Template Name such as Alanna text: Welcome!
  • Select Automatically Send (no user interaction) from the Send Action drop-down menu.
  • Set the Send Method to Email only.
  • Enter keyword(s) from the table above in the Email Subject to indicate the party to which the text will be delivered. A minimum of one is required. Use a comma to separate multiples.
  • Enter a message in the Email Body, using merge fields as needed. NOTE: This content will be sent as a text message.
  • Click Select next to Send Toto select which partner type will receive the email.
    • Select the Artificial Intelligence partner type.
    • Click Save.
  • Click Save.

Create an action group

This action group is used to manage the external status actions.

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups

  • Click New and enter the Action Group Name as Alanna status actions.
  • In the Partner Specific area, click Selected, then click Add to search for the partner.
  • Click Save.

Add actions

Automated status actions need to be added to the action group created above. This action group can be added to a file when the partner is on the file. The following list is a list of the status functions available in Alanna. These can be customized based on the desired needs of the company. 

Automated status actions
Earnest money/Escrow deposit
Recording complete
Funding complete
File closed
Title clear
Final numbers for closing
Documents sent to buyer for signing
Documents sent to seller for signing

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups/Edit Actions

  • Click Add Action.
  • Click New Global Action.
    • Enter the Action Name such as Escrow deposit received.
    • Click Save.
  • Check the Dynamic box.
  • In the Start Task area, select Automation as the Responsible Party Coordinator.
  • Check the Auto-start when Added to File checkbox.
  • Click Save or Save, New to continue adding additional actions as needed.
  • Repeat the above steps to add all the desired automated status actions from the list above.

Adding a trigger to start an action

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups/Edit Triggers

  • Select the Alanna status actions action group and click Edit Triggers.
  • Click Add.
  • Select File Created as the External Trigger.
  • In 1 – Marking Done Creates Action area:
    • Set the Group as Allana status actions.
    • Select Allana: Escrow deposit received as the action.
  • Click Save, Save.

Adding an email template to an action

Admin/Action Lists/Global Actions

This section adds an email template to a global action. When the action is completed, the email will be sent automatically. While email templates can be sent manually, incorporating them into the action workflows so they can be sent automatically is recommended.

  • Double-click the desired global action or select the action and click Edit.
  • In the Completing Email Templates section, click Add.
  • Select the desired email template and click Add.
  • Click Save, Close.

For further information on action workflow management see action articles available in the customer portal. configuration

With the administrative username and password provided by Alanna, login to the portal located at to configure the integration with information from Resware.

Connection settings


  • In the Connection Settings area, enter the Value(s) and click Save for each of the following:
    • Enter the Alanna/Resware API URL for the office that is being configured. Resware’s tech team will provide this.
    • Enter the Resware API URL, which can be found in Resware by going to Admin/General Setup/Offices/Resware Website URL.
    • Enter the Resware API User Name from the partner employee created above.
    • Enter the Resware API Password from the partner employee created above.
    • Set Test Mode to True. NOTE: After testing is complete, this will need to be set to false.
    • Enter a mobile phone number for the Test Mode Text Recipients. This number will receive the test text messages from
    • Enter an email address for the Test Mode Email Recipients. This email address will receive test emails from
  • Test. Contact the representative to confirm connection.

Basic setup

Settings/Resware/Basic Setup

  • In the Basic Setup area, enter or select the Value(s) and click Save for each of the following:
    • Set the Resware API User PartnerID to the SystemID of the Alanna partner created above.
    • Set the Resware API User PartnerTypeID to the same PartnerTypeID created above.
    • Set the Partner Types Who Can Talk to Alanna to the partner types that will have access to Select all that apply.
    • Set the Statuses of Open Files to the file statuses that are considered “open” in Resware. Select all the statuses that should be treated as open by
    • Set the Statuses of Closed Files to the file statuses that are considered “closed” in Resware. Select all the statuses that should be treated as closed by
    • Set the Buyer Type to Buyer.
    • Set the Seller Types to Seller.
    • Set the Partner Type for list of offices to the Closing Office partner type.
    • Set the New Order Partner Type to the Client partner.
    • Set the Auto Associate Conversations to Resware Note to True. This enables the linking of web chat and text messages to your files.
    • Set the Resware Note Tag Type to the type created in the step above.

E-Mail and communication settings

Settings/Resware/E-Mail & Communication

  • In the E-Mail & Communication Info Settings area, enter or select the Value(s) and click Save for each of the following:
    • Set the Coordinator Type– Closer to the Resware Coordinator Type used in conjunction with the closing team in Resware.
    • Set the Escrow Officer to the partner type that represents the escrow closer or equivalent on the files.
    • Optionally, enter a partner SystemID for the Partner for General Communications for a partner in Resware that handles general information and typically using a generic email such as
    • Optionally, enter the partner SystemID for the Partner For CC on File Specific E-Mails for a partner in Resware that will be copied on file-specific emails sent by
    • Set the Closing Office to the partner type that is used to represent the location of a signing or closing. Select all that apply. These partners are used when the Signings panel does not have the location of the closing.
    • Set Who Is Working File to the Resware coordinator type. Select all coordinators that apply. These coordinators are responsible for communication with the parties on the file.
    • Enter the first forty characters of the office’s Resware email footer in the E-Mail Footer Blurb Identification field. This will be used to detect the footer in outgoing emails and remove it from communications, reducing the message size for texting. If multiple offices use different email footers, there may be a need to harmonize the beginning of them to ensure that all offices can benefit from this feature.

Status settings

Settings/Resware/Status Settings

  • In the Status Settings area, enter or select the Value(s) and click Save for each of the following:
    • Set the Action Group for File Status to the action group created above.
    • Set the What are the next steps setting to True. When set to true, will return the incomplete actions in this action group to the user.
    • Set the Earnest Money/Escrow Deposit Question to the action in the status action group that indicates the earnest money or escrow deposit has been received.
    • Select the Resware action that corresponds to each status action.

Cost estimates

Settings/Resware/Cost Estimates

  • In the Cost Estimates area, enter or select the Value(s) and click Save for each of the following:
    • Select the Resware transaction and product types for the cost estimate scenarios that will be used. If a quote for a specific type of transaction is not desired, leave it blank.
    • Set Pass Settlement Version to False. If cost estimates are not providing fees as needed, this may need to be changed to true, however, reach out to alanna support for assistance.

Who is questions

Settings/Resware/Who is Questions

  • In the Who is Questions area, select the Value(s) and click Save for each partner type to correspond to the partner type(s) in Resware.

NOTE: Select all that apply. will return any and all of the partners of that type on a given file when asked the Who is question.

Document types for upload

Settings/Resware/Document Types for Upload

  • In the Documents Types for Upload area, set the Value(s) for each document type to correspond to the document type(s) in Resware and click Save.

NOTE: Leave the document type unmapped if uploading is not desired.

Document types for download

Settings/Resware/Document Types for Download

  • In the Documents Types for Download area:
    • Set the Fix Internal Field to True or False as desired. This feature is used when document types are set as Default to Internal Only for other purposes but should have access. NOTE: Setting this to true will apply to all document types available to
      • True will override the Default to Internal Only setting, which allows to retrieve the document type for download.
      • False will not use this feature and users will need to uncheck the Internal Only checkbox on file documents in order to allow to download if needed.
    • Select the Value(s) for each document type to correspond to the document type(s) in Resware and click Save.

NOTE: Leave the document type unmapped if downloading is not desired.

Custom fields

Allana can respond to the following questions if they are set up in Resware as custom fields.

Settings/Resware/Custom Fields

  • In the Custom Fields area, select the Value(s) for each custom field to correspond to the custom field(s) in Resware and click Save.

Consult an support representative about the options available to further customize how can interact with customers and partners to enhance their customer service experience. The options include setting up team-specific outgoing texting, widget configuration, and customized forms that can be presented to users to collect information and customizable chat answers.

Updated on April 18, 2023

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