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Ancillary Products


Ancillary products allow the user to add additional action groups to the file based on the client chosen and the product associated with the client selected.

This demonstrates how to set up and show users where to add ancillary products.  

Create the Optional Action Groups (Ancillary Products)

If the optional groups have been added to the action list as optional, they will be available on order entry.

  • Create Option Categories

The option category is a label/container for similar action groups.  When an option category is added, it is displayed as a drop-down in the Ancillary Products section on both the File Information step in the file creation process in Resware and the Place Order page on the website.

  • Add action groups to the action list on the product.

  • Add and enable the Client Product Group.

Client product groups are groups of products that clients can order.  By adding the optional action groups, clients can choose from optional products and services to order, in addition to the standard products available.

  • Upon file creation, when adding the client, transaction type, and product type, the Additional Services are will display the ancillary products that are available.

Updated on June 21, 2022

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