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Auto-Adding a Partner Using an Action


This process is beneficial to delay adding a partner of a specific partner type until it is determined they will be needed on a file, like adding a searcher after the file information is entered and reviewed, a notary after documents are prepared and/or signing services are requested, or a water company when it is determined a final reading is required.

Demonstrates how partners can be auto-added to an existing file by using an action.

Create an Action

This new action to auto-add a partner can be added as a dynamic action on an action group where another action affects when it is added and started, or by adding to an action group and having the other action start this this new action at the desired time.

Admin/Action Lists/Actions Groups

  • Highlight the action group on which the partner should be added and click Edit Actions.
  • Click Add Action.
  • Click New Global Action.
  • Enter the Action Name as desired.
  • Enable the Hidden option to have this occur without displaying the action in the action workflow.
  • Click Save.
  • Enable the Dynamic option.
  • Select Partner Type as the Responsible Party for both the Start Task and the Complete Task.
  • Select the Partner Type of the partner who is to be auto-added to the file from the dropdown menu.
  • Enable the Auto-complete when Added to File option.

Create Action Affects

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups

This is the affect set on the new action to auto-add the partner.

  • Select the action that was created in the prior step and click Edit Affects.
  • Click Add in the Complete Task Marked Done Affects area.
  • Select Partner: Add in the dropdown menu in the 4 – Marking Done Value area.

NOTE: Setting the partner type as the responsible party and using the add affect will select the first partner of that partner type according to same rules used when auto-adding a partner at file creation (taking into account their Coverage settings). If a specific partner needs to be added, that partner needs to be the only partner of the type selected or the only partner enabled in the location on the file.

This is an example of an affect set on another action that will, on its completion, add the new action and start it.

Updated on March 14, 2022

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