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Bank Integrations


Resware has integrations with the banks listed below. Before requesting the addition/change with Qualia, the customer should contact the bank to inquire about their automated features and their setup and ongoing costs.  For the Fund Claim system, they will want to specifically ask about intra-day downloads of “BAI” files every 15 minutes.  Call your Qualia Customer Success Manager (CSM) for further details and to sign an acknowledgment of the Qualia fee schedule below.

Incoming wires: Fund claims

Resware is integrated with banks where wires incoming into an account will be displayed to users in real-time without having to contact the bank or have access to online banking.   When accessed from a file, the Fund Claims panel will display all of the wires that have not already been claimed, and the unclaimed wires can be claimed and receipted into files.

Outgoing wires

Outgoing wires is integrated with banks where wires are disbursed from the Settlement/Postings panel and then need to be processed in Accounting/Review Outgoing Wires so they can be sent directly to the bank by uploading the wire information from within Resware to the bank.  Disbursed wires go through a review process prior to being automatically uploaded to the bank’s queuing system from within Resware where a secondary validation via the bank’s website occurs.  Once a user clicks the wire Initiated button on the Review Outgoing Wires panel a secondary validation via the bank’s website must occur before wires are sent out.  Once the wire has been issued, Resware populates the wire’s Confirmation Number

Positive pay: Manual generation

Resware can generate positive pay reports that are exported from Resware and imported to the bank’s website to verify the authenticity of payments.  These reports alert the bank of checks that have been disbursed or voided.  Utilizing the ability to authenticate checks is a tenant of ALTA’s Best Practices.

Positive pay: Automated generation

Resware is integrated with banks to send positive pay reports automatically to the bank’s web portal.

Stop pay

Resware is integrated with banks to automate the stop payment process of checks that have previously been disbursed.

Supported Banks and Features

The following chart lists banking institutions and the types of integrations available with each:

Name of Bank Incoming Wire (Fund Claims) Outgoing Wires Stop Payment Positive Pay Automated Positive Pay Manual export
Alliance Bank    x
American Bank    x
Associated Bankx   x
BancFirst    x
Bank of Americax   x
Bank of the West    x
Bank United x x xx
Bank of Americax   x
BB&T Bank    x
Berkshire Bankxx   
Boone County National Bank   xx
Bremer Bank    x
Bryant Bankx
BSWA   x 
Capital Bank    x
Central Bank    x
Central Bank of the Midwest    x
Citibankx   x
Citizens Bankx    
CIT BankxNon-Compliant  xx
City National Bankxxx x
Comericax x x
Congressional Bank    x
Enterprise Bankx   x
Fifth Third Bankx x xx
First Alliance Trust    x
First American Trustx   x
First Citizens Bank    x
Homestreet Bankx   x
Howard Bankx   x
Huntington National Bank    x
Investor’s Bankx    
JP Morgan Chase Bankx x
Key Bankx  xx
M&T Bankx   x
MB Financial    x
Missouri Bank    x
Nano BankNon-Compliant   x
Peoples Bank Midwest    x
Platinum Bank    x
Regions Bank    x
Revere Bank    x
Sea Coast Bank    x
Simmons Bank   x 
Sovereign Bank    x 
SunTrust    x
TD Bankx x x 
US Bankx    x
Voyager Bank    x
Wachoviax   x
Webster Bankxx  x
Western Alliance    x
Wells Fargoxx xx
Quick reference: Banks in bold have at least three active integration services.
Updated on September 8, 2022

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