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Batch Processing Actions


This demonstrates how to add or change the current state of an action by batch processing actions in bulk. 

Finding the Actions 


Obtain a list of all the actions that are still left started but not completed.


  • Click the Action Search icon on the homepage.

  • Select the name of the action in the Action Name field and fill in the appropriate search parameters.
  • If the list should be comprised of actions that aren’t started or aren’t completed, click the Not Started or Not Completed check box, depending on which is applicable.
  • Select From and To dates as appropriate and click Search.
  •  When the search results are displayed, click View as Report. 

  • In the Report Viewer, go to Export/Excel/Data Dump.
    • In the Excel sheet, highlight the column of file numbers and use Ctrl + C to copy the file numbers.

Batch Processing the Actions

 Admin/Batch Process Actions

  • Paste the copied file numbers into the Files to Affect/Enter File Numbers section.
  • Click Validate.  Valid file numbers will be moved to the Valid File Numbers box and the user will be notified if any file numbers are not valid.
  • In the Affect Action on Files area, select the appropriate option (defined below), the action that should be batch processed, and to appropriate Start Task and/or Complete Task option(s).
  • Click Execute.
    • Grouped Action Only (this will only look for actions that are a part of an action group)
    • Ungrouped Action Only (this will only look for actions that were added manually and are not a part of a group)
    • Both Grouped and Ungrouped Action (this will look for the action in either of the scenarios in the first two options)

Batch Clearing Due Dates

Admin/Action List/Action Groups: Add an action group: Clear Due Date.

Note: This group does not need to be added to an action list if using batch process actions.

Admin/Action List/Action Groups/Clear Due Date Action Group: Add a Clear Due Date action to the Clear Due Date group. Make it hidden, non-dynamic, auto-start and auto-complete.

Note: Since this group is being added via batch process actions this is a case where a non-dynamic action will auto-start/auto-complete.

Next, add an affect on the completion of the Clear Due Date action. Place the action you want to clear the due date on in 3 – Marking Done Affects Action. If the due date is on the start make sure the task is set to start, if the due date is on the complete make sure the task is set to complete. Uncheck Mark Done and check to Clear an Existing Due Date. 

Admin/Batch Process Actions: Enter the file numbers then proceed under Add Action Group to Files select the Clear Due Date action group. I always recommend testing with a small group before doing a very large list. If the testing passes with the desired result then proceed with the rest of the list.

Additional Notes

If Undo Started or Undo Completed are utilized, the system will remove the original timestamp and the name of the user who initially made the change on the actions.

Updated on March 18, 2022

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