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BC Law’s BC Docs is a service that enables customers to request deed preparation services electronically via XML. Users can send requests to BC Docs within Resware and when the documents have been successfully prepared, the documents will be put on the Documents tab of the corresponding file in Resware.

This demonstrates how to set up and use this integration.

Begin here: Contact Heather Spitz for further information or to register for services at .  Inform BC Docs that the account will be for a Resware integration.

Next: Contact Resware at that this integration will be used, as there is some additional configuration in the background that needs to be done.

Next: Complete the following set up steps.  Account information will be provided by BC Docs.

Then: Test.

Enable the Office Option

Admin/General Setup/Offices/Web Services

  • Enable the option for Enable Resware to Resware Order Submission.
  • Click Save.

Add the XML Package to Products

Admin/Action Lists/Product Types/XML

  • Edit a product that should be able to request deeds.
  • Go to the XML tab.
  • Click Add.

  • Select Resware and click OK.

  • The Resware XML package will be added to the product.
  • Click Save.

  • Repeat for all products that should have the XML package.

Create a Partner for Sending Information


  • Click New.
  • Enter BC Docs as the Company Name.
  • Click Add in the Partner Types area.
  • Select a partner type, like Other or Servicer, and click Add.
  • Click Save.

Create the Resware-to-Resware Partner Mapping

  • Click Add.
  • Select the partner created above.
  • Enter a Username and Password (provided by BC Docs).

  • Map the Order Placement Service Type.
    • Set the URL to
    • Set the Client ID to 1.
    • Set the Office ID to 1.
    • Select v4 as the Service Version.
    • Set up the Client Mapping, Transaction/Product Type Mapping, Underwriter Mapping, and Primary Contact Mapping by using the Add button.
      • Select the appropriate option from the dropdown.
      • Enter the Remote ID requested. This is the ID for the item in BC Docs’ system.
      • BC Docs will provide guidance with regards to which sections need to be mapped, as all may not be necessary.

  • Map the Note/Document Service Type.
    • Set the URL to
    • Set the Coordinator Type ID to 1.
    • Set up Document Type Mapping for all documents that need to be mapped.
      • Select a Document Type from the dropdown.
      • Select a Remote ID.  This is the ID of the corresponding document type in BC Docs’ system.
      • Click Save.
      • BC Docs will provide guidance with regards to which documents need to be mapped, as this section is for mapping documents that will be sent to BC Docs.

  • When all the mapping is complete, click Save.

NOTE: For more details on how to set up Resware to Resware XML, see the Resware to Resware Partner Mappings article on the customer portal. 

Example on a File


  • Add the BC Docs partner created above to the file.


  • Select Resware: Send Order – BC Docs from the XML Message dropdown.
  • Click Send.

  • Click Send XML.

  • A entry will be added to the Resware to Resware XML tab to confirm that the order was sent.


  • Open the ORDER.pdf document that was placed on the file by BC Docs.
    • Information requested in this document will need to be provided for the request to be completed.

  • Click on the CLICK HERE link in the document.
    • This link will direct the user to BC Docs’ secure platform to fulfill the order request.

  • Select the documents to be prepared by BC Docs from the list provided.
    • Many of the fields will auto-populate based on the property address.
    • The document list will be filtered by the documents BC Docs provides for the property’s state.


  • Provide the requested information.

NOTE: (*) in red are required fields.  There is also a Special Instruction field to provide any additional information.

  • When all the requested information has been entered, click Submit Order.


  • Select any additional documents, such as chain of title documents or deed in lieu agreements, that may be needed by BC Docs to complete the order and click Send.

  • Enter a Subject.
  • Verify that the appropriate documents are attached.
  • Select the BC Docs partner in the Send To section.
  • Click Send.

When the document preparation process is completed by BC Docs, the documents will be sent and attached to the Resware file’s Documents tab via the API.  These documents include the documents, transfer forms, and invoice. The document type will be set to Other by default but can be mapped by BC Docs during the integration setup process.


Updated on May 4, 2022

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