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Certus provides accurate recording fees and transfer taxes necessary for GFE, CD, and HUD completion. Other detailed information is also available to ensure your documents are recorded right, the first time. Certus protects agents from taking losses on real estate transactions due to incorrect fees and other document issues.

Contact: Sales

(888) 808-4644

Time/Cost: Varies

This demonstrates how to set up and use this integration.

Enable Office Option

Admin/General Setup/Offices

  • Edit an office that will use Certus.
  • Select the Recording tab and check the Certus: Use Certus for Recording Fees office option.

Enable XML Client

Admin/General Setup/XML Clients

  • Highlight the Certus XML client and check Edit.
  • Enter the Outgoing Username and Outgoing Password provided by Certus.  Please contact Certus to obtain a username and password.

Enable Certus Usage

Admin/Recording/Certus Usage

  • If Certus is to be used everywhere, select All States.
  • If Certus is only to be used in certain states and counties, select Selected, a State, and a County where Certus should be used.

Associate Certus Document Types

Admin/Recording/Certus Document Types

  • Highlight a document type and click Edit.
  • In the Edit Recording Document Type, click Add.
  • Select transaction types that should have the selected document type calculated on file creation and click Add.
  • Save.

Example on a File

File/Settlement/Recording Fees

  • To manually calculate additional recording fees on a file, go to Settlement/Recording Fees and click Certus Fee Calculator.
  • Enter the appropriate information and click Calculate.
  • Answer the questions provided by Certus and click Save.  The answers to these questions are used to calculate the recording fees.
  • When the Certus Response is provided, copy the fees to the HUD by selecting Copy All to HUD.
Updated on May 26, 2022

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