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Charles Jones LLC


Charles Jones LLC – a Data Trace Company, provides due diligence products in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They also provide flood services nationwide.



(800) 792-8888


 Informational flyers




1 hour set up

This demonstrates how to set up and use the Charles Jones LLC search integration. Please Note: The searches are returned as .pdf documents via email. This is not set up to be propagated into the search data fields.

The following search products are available through the integration:

Certificate of Good StandingNJ and PA
Child SupportNJ
Corporate StatusNJ and PA
County ContinuationNJ
Franchise TaxNJ and PA
NJ Tax ContinuationNJ
PA Tax ContinuationPA
Patriot ActNJ
State Certified UCCNJ
Statewide Judgment LienNJ
Statewide Judgment Lien ContinuationNJ

Begin: Contact Charles Jones LLC by calling (800) 792-8888 or email for further information or to register for services.  Inform Charles Jones that the account will be for a Resware integration.  They will provide information needed to complete the setup.

Next: Complete the steps below.

Next: Contact to update the configuration files.

Then:  Test.

Version History

Pre 8.26  12/26/2019

Information and screenshots created 

Enable the Office Option

Admin/General Setup/Offices/Search Services

  • Check the option for Enable Charles Jones LLC Integration.
  • Click Save.

Create a Partner


  • Click New.
  • Enter the partner’s information and set the Partner Type to Searcher.
  • Click Edit Counties to enable the partner for the states and counties where the search integration will be used.
  • Click Save.

Set Up the Credentials

Admin/Search Data/Search Service Credentials

Note: The internal user role for Admin: Search Service Credentials will need to be enabled to set up credential information.

  • Click Add.
  • Select Charles Jones LLC from the Service Type drop-down menu.
  • Add Charles Jones LLC as the Display Name. This is the search service name that will display in the Credentials dropdown on the Search Data/Third Party Search panel.
  • Enter the Username, Password, and Firm ID provided by Charles Jones.
  • Enter the Document RetrievalUsername and Password provided by Charles Jones (This is the account number and password).
  • Click Change to select the partner created above.
  • Click Save.

Example on a File


  • Select Add Partner and search for Charles Jones partner.
  • Enter Name or Partner Type from drop-down menu.
  • Click Search, then highlight the partner.
  • Click Add to File.

Note: If a searcher partner should be added automatically on file creation, go to Admin/Action Lists/Action Lists, edit the action lists that will be using the search integration, and click Add in the Auto-Add Partner Types on File Creation area to select the Searcher partner type. For additional information, see the Auto-Add Partner Based on County job aid available on the user group website. If there is more than one searcher enabled for the location of the property on the file, priority status and/or weighting may need to be enabled on the partner; otherwise, Resware will randomly pick a searcher and it may not be the intended partner. See the Partners Based on Priority Status and/or Weight job aid available on the user group website for more information.

  • Select the Service and Credentials for Charles Jones from the drop-down menus.
  • Select the Search Type and click Add Search.
  • The fields in bold are required and may vary depending on the type of search requested.
  • Some of the fields will be auto-populated from the file’s data by selecting an item from the Properties, Names, or Lenders drop-down menus when they appear.
  • Multiple searches can be added to a file. To remove a search, click Close Search.
  • When all fields have been populated for all searches, click Invoke Searches.

If any required information has not been provided or is in the wrong format, a validation error with the details will be displayed.

Submitted and fulfilled searches are displayed on the Search Data/Third Party Search Order History tab.

Information includes the search service, date submitted, search type, order number, and order status.

When the search request has been fulfilled, the search PDF will be added to the file on the Documents tab. The file name will be the same as the order number and the DocumentType will be Search Request.

Updated on March 22, 2022

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