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CloseSimple allows secure company-branded emails, including a custom-made closing timeline, images, logos, standard messaging, and attached documents, to be sent from a file in Resware. In addition, automated and personalized text messages can be sent as notifications on action workflow milestones in Resware. Emails can be sent securely through the customer’s server to utilize existing security and encryption protocols or through CloseSimple servers.


Real Time LLC


(612) 743-4453





Setup varies


Next Level Workflows: September 19, 2023

Set up

This demonstrates how to set up and use this integration. 

Begin here: Contact Real Time LLC for further information or to register for CloseSimple services at (612) 743-4453 or A CloseSimple representative will provide login credentials to enter in the Resware to Resware mapping step and assist with the design and implementation process. CloseSimple will need the employee partner username and password and the Resware website domain URL.

Next: Follow the steps in this job aid. A desktop app is needed for each user and can be downloaded here using the password simple.

Then: Test.

Version History


Information and screenshots  created

 05/2020Added notes that hidden actions may not be used for this integration.

Resware Website URL

Admin/General Setup/Offices

CloseSimple needs the URL that is used to access the company’s Resware website. Edit the office where this integration will be implemented to note the Resware website URL. If this field is blank, then contact to request this information.

Enable Office Option

Admin/General Setup/Offices

  • Highlight the office using this integration and click Edit.
  • Click on the Web Services tab or use the Search function to locate office option.
  • Click to enable the Enable Resware to Resware Order Submission office option.

Install the CloseSimple Listener Application

The CloseSimple desktop app is a Windows systray application that notifies a Resware user of a CloseSimple action. Users will log into the application with their CloseSimple credentials (which will be delivered to them via email). When a user completes an action in Resware that triggers CloseSimple, the application will open and display the related CloseSimple user interface for the order. The application can be installed on individual desktops or in multi-user environments (Citrix, RDP) using a group policy or silent deploy.

  • Select either the 64-bit or 32-bit version as needed.

Create a Partner Type

  • Click Add.
  • Enter the Name as Workflow or another similar name.
  • Set the Max per File to 1 (this is the default).
  • Set the Locale Restriction to None (this is the default).
  • Click Save.
  • Click Close.

Create a CloseSimple Partner


  • Click New.
  • Enter the partner’s information and set the Partner Type to Workflow (created in prior step).
  • Click XML Config and check both Enable XML Transmission of Notes and Documents and Don’t Also Send Notes and Documents via Email.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Save.

Note: This partner will need to be added to each file using this integration. It can be auto added by another partner, by the action list, or manually added by a user.

Create a Partner Employee


  • Highlight the partner created above and click New in the partner employee area.
  • Enter the First Name as CloseSimple Integration Services.
  • Enter the Email Address as
  • Check Primary Contact
  • Check Enabled in the Website Access area; this allows the web services to be utilized.
  • Click Override Username and enter CloseSimple as the Username.
  • Click Generate to populate a Password. This will ensure company-specific password requirements are met. Write down this password to use in the validation step.
  • In the Website Roles area enable the following roles:
    • Edit Buyer/Seller
    • Web Services: Add Documents
    • Web Services: Add Notes
    • Web Services: Get Actions
    • Web Services: Get Custom Fields
    • Web Services: Get Documents
    • Web Services: Get Notes
    • Web Services: Get Parties
    • Web Services: Get Partners
    • Web Services: Search Files
    • Web Services: Update Partner
  • In the Office Access area, check Access for the offices where services will be provided. Optionally, check Default if an office will be the primary office.
  • Click Save.

Note: The username and password for the employee will need to be provided to CloseSimple.

Password Validation


After a password is set or reset for a partner employee, the employee is required to enter a new password the next time they access the website. To ensure this integration is set up properly, log into the company’s Resware website with the username and password created in the prior step and create a new password. Provide this new password to CloseSimple.

Note: It may be beneficial to set the expiration date of this password on the partner employee setup out for an extended period. Check with company-specific password security protocols to verify this will be acceptable or have a reminder in place to update this password as needed to ensure this integration’s service will not be interrupted.

Note: Provide the Username and Password to CloseSimple.

Resware to Resware Partner Mappings

  • Click Add, then click Select to search for the CloseSimple partner added in the prior step.
  • Verify that the Service Type is set to Order Placement.
  • Enter the Username and Password provided by CloseSimple.
  • Set the URL to
  • Set the Client ID to 1.
  • Set the Office ID to 1000.
  • Set the Service Version to v4.
  • Check the box for Don’t Send Sales Price or SSNs.
  • Click Add in the Primary Contact Mapping area and select the internal user that is the main contact.
    • Set the Remote ID to 1.
    • Check the Default option.
    • Click Save.
  • Click Save.

Enable the XML Tab on Products

Admin/Action Lists/Product Types

  • Edit each product that will use the CloseSimple integration.
  • Click the XML tab. If the Resware XML package already exists on the product, skip to the next product type.
    • Click Add and select Resware from the dropdown menu.
    • Click OK.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Close.

Create an Action and Add an Action Affect

The following steps will create an action that can be added to the workflow to initiate the order to CloseSimple when the user completes an action. CloseSimple recommends separate actions be created for each milestone of the custom timeline created. Global actions used in this integration cannot be set to hidden, as the integration will not be able to see them.

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups

  • Highlight the action group that will contain the action used for CloseSimple.

Click Edit. Click Add Action. Click New Global Action. Enter the Action Name as CloseSimple: File Created.

  • Click Website Partner Type Restrictions.
    • Either select All to allow all partner types to see this action on the website.


  • Click Selected and Add to select the Workflow partner type.

Note: Actions cannot be set to Hidden with this integration.

  • Click Save.

In the Start Task area, select the Coordinator from the dropdown menu. Optionally, select a different Coordinator in the Complete Task area. Select Auto-start when Added to File. Click on Selected in the Partner Specific area, then click Add to search for the CloseSimple partner. This will add and start this action only when the selected partner is on the file. Click Save.

  • Highlight the action just created and click Edit Affects.
  • Click Add in the Complete Task Marked Done Affects area.
  • In 5 – Marking Done Sends XML, select the following:
  • XML: Resware: Send Order
  • Send To: Workflow
  • Click Save

Repeat the above steps to create actions for each milestone along the Pizza Tracker for Title timeline that was created with CloseSimple. In this example the following custom milestones were created:

  • 1 – File Created
  • 2 – Title Commitment Complete – All Parties
  • 3 – Title Package Complete – Lender Only
  • 4 – Closing Scheduled – Buy Side
  • 5 – Closing Scheduled – Sell Side
  • 6 – Final Closing Checklist
  • 7 – Closing Complete

Enable Desktop Application

  • Click on the desktop application, then right-click to open the menu.
  • Select Connect.
  • Enter the Username and Password provided by CloseSimple.
  • Click Sign in.

Desktop application icon will turn to green .

Examples on a File

Complete an Action

  • Highlight the action created in the steps above.
  • Click Mark Completed. This will open the CloseSimple desktop application.
  • Select a timeline, then click Select Timeline.

The custom email template will open and allow users to make changes to pre-populated contacts and content prior to sending.


Sample email: CloseSimple will provide setup and assistance with the design, custom branding, and content for each email template.

XML Activity


This panel shows activity when actions are completed and the CloseSimple emails are sent.

Updated on September 19, 2023

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