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Collecting Memory Dumps on Crash Using DebugDiag

DebugDiag ( is a Microsoft tool for collecting and analyzing process memory dumps. These are particularly useful in diagnosing stack overflow errors and “out of memory” exceptions.

To collect dumps, install DebugDiag, and run the ‘DebugDiag 2 Collection’ tool. In the Rules tab, press Add Rule.  Choose Crash:

Then A specific process (for the Resware client or the email proxy):

or A specific NT service (for the application server or ResMail):

Then, to catch a particular exception, press the Exceptions button:

For ‘out of memory’ exception, choose CLR (.NET) 4.x Exception and put System.OutOfMemoryException for the Exception Type Equals field:

For stack overflows, choose Stack Overflow for the exception name:

In either case, make sure the folder chosen is Full Userdump for the Action Type. Then press OK and Save & Close. Give the rule a name and enter the location where you want the dumps stored:

Press Next, Activate the rule now and Finish. The rule is now running – you might want to use View\Logs Folder to monitor when dumps are written.

Updated on March 23, 2022

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