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Buyers and sellers can now be linked to a consumer, which allows them to be reusable across files. When buyers and sellers are linked to consumers, their information, such as special instructions, documents, and addresses, can be copied to other files; they will only need one login to the website to see all their files, and they can be invoiced. Buyers and sellers can also be linked to partners utilizing the same functionality.

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Functionality available

Creating Consumers


NOTE: Users must have the internal user role for Admin: Consumers enabled to access this area.

  • Click New.
  • Enter a Name for the consumer. This name will be visible on the Edit Buyer or Edit Seller panel if a consumer is linked to a buyer or seller and will not be used as the name of the buyer or seller.
  • If there is an email address for the consumer or website access will be granted, enter an Email.
  • Check Enabled to enable website access and enter a Username and Password.
  • To enter the wiring instructions for the consumer, click Wire Information.
  • Add any consumer-specific documents.
  • If there are any notes for the consumer, enter them in the Comments/Special Instructions field.
  • These instructions will be copied to the buyer or seller when a buyer or seller is linked to the consumer if the buyer or seller does not already have comments/special instructions.
  • If the consumer should only be used in a specific office or specific offices, change the radio button to Selected and use Add to select the offices. If the consumer can be used in all offices, leave the selection set to All.
  • Click Save.

Example on a file

NOTE: Users must have the internal user role for Buyer/Seller: Create New Consumer enabled to create consumers from the file.

  • Open the new file wizard and begin creating a file.
  • On either the Buyer Information or Seller Information panel, depending on whether it’s the buyer or seller that will be a consumer, enter the buyer or seller Name and click Search in the Linked Party area.
  • The Name will be auto-populated with the name from the buyer or seller.
  • Click New.
  • Create the consumer and click Save.
  • The newly created consumer will be linked to the buyer or seller from which it was created.

Using Consumers That Have Already Been Created

New File Wizard

NOTE: Users must have the internal user role for Buyers/Sellers: Link Consumers/Partners enabled to link buyers and sellers to consumers or partners.

  • Enter property and file information.
  • Select the Type for the buyer and seller if it’s something other than Individual.
  • Enter a Name for the buyer and seller.
  • If a buyer or seller should be linked to a consumer, click Search in the Linked Party section on the Buyer Information or Seller Information panel.
  • Search for the consumer by entering the Name.

 The name will auto-populate with the name that was entered on the buyer or seller. If this doesn’t match the name of the consumer, enter the name of the consumer.

  • Select the consumer and click Link.

 If the buyer or seller should be copied from another file, which may be the case when creating child files for a commercial project or when there is a recurring buyer or seller, select the file in the Buyer/Seller section and click Link & Copy. This will copy the buyer’s or seller’s information, including the signature line, address, phone number, etc., from the selected file to the new file and link the new file to the consumer.

  • The buyer or seller will indicate that it’s linked to the consumer.
  • Changes can be made, if necessary. For example, the buyer’s name on the file may not match the name of the consumer and may need to be updated or the signature line may need to be edited.


  • Add items to the Receivables panel of a file that has a linked buyer or seller.
  • Select the buyer or seller, whichever is linked to the consumer, as the Party.
  • Go to Accounting/Invoices.
  • Select the Consumer that has linked buyers and sellers with receivables items waiting to be invoiced.
  • All of the files with receivables items for the consumer’s buyers and sellers will be displayed.
  • Select all the items that should be combined onto a single invoice.
  • Click Create Invoice.
  • The newly created invoice will be displayed in the Invoices section.
  • To print the invoice, highlight it and click Print Portrait or Print Landscape.
  • Each file will be grouped together with a subtotal and the invoice’s total will be displayed at the bottom.


  • When buyers and/or sellers are linked to a consumer or partner and that consumer has a username and password for the website, the consumer can log into the website and see all the files that are linked to it.
Updated on March 29, 2022

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