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Coordinator Assignment Based on an Employee


Demonstrates the ability to set up partner employees to override default coordinator assignments by using an auto-added partner on a file.

NOTE: This auto-added partner is a partner on a file that is serving a functional purpose only and not an actual principal partner involved in the transaction.

Create a Partner Type

  • Click Add.
  • Enter Coordinator Assignment as the Name.
  • Leave the Max Per File as 1, which is the default.
  • Leave the Locale Restriction as None, which is the default.
  • Enable Hide on General Tab to hide this functional partner type from the list of partners on the General tab.

This will allow the partner type to be on the file, but won’t confuse users by showing them partner types that aren’t involved in the transaction.

  • Click Save.

Create a Functional Partner


  • Click New.
  • Enter a Company Name for the partner employee that will override the default coordinators on a file. The company name may include both the name of the partner and the name of the partner employee (e.g. Re/Max Alliance – Amy Lane).
  • Enter the partner’s information and set the Partner Type to Coordinator Assignment.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat these steps for each partner employee where override coordinators need to be set.

  • Highlight the partner that was just created and Click Edit.
  • Click on Override Coordinators and select the Default Assignment dropdown for each Coordinator Type that should be overridden.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Save.

Auto-Add a Functional Partner from Existing Partner


  • Locate and Edit the corresponding partner company.
  • Select the partner type from the dropdown in the Auto-Add Partners area for the partner type that will be auto-adding the functional partner.
  • Click on Add in the Auto-Add Partners area.
  • Set the Partner Type to Coordinator Assignment to limit the results. Highlight the partner(s) in the Search Results and click Select.

  • Highlight the first auto-added partner in the Auto-Add Partners area and click Edit.
  • Click Selected on the Partner Primary Contact panel and Add to specify the employee that will auto-add this functional partner.
  • Click Add.
  • Click Save.

  • Repeat above 4 steps to assign the partner employee for each auto-added functional partner.
  • Click Save.

Example on a File

When a partner is added to a file with a primary employee selected and this partner has an auto-added functional partner, the coordinators on the file will be overridden with the Coordinator Assignment partner’s settings.

NOTE:  When creating a file using the New File Wizard using Additional Partner Types of the client will set the primary contact on these partners to the default primary employee, as opposed to the primary employee selected on the File Information panel. For these additional partner types, if the Coordinator Assignment partner needs to be auto-added based on employees other than the partner’s defaulted primary employee, it will be necessary to add this partner type after the file is created or as a manually-added partner in the action list instead of selecting them on the File Information panel of the New File Wizard.

Updated on April 5, 2022

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