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Data Grids


Most data grids within Resware can be customized and sorted for easier viewing, which makes navigating through the returned data faster and more efficient for the internal user’s job function. This will streamline the process, increasing employee efficiency.

Adding and Deleting Columns

  • To add/delete columns to the data grid, right-click in the data grid while it is unlocked and then select Show.
    • From here the user can check the desired columns to be displayed for this data grid.
  • Right-click on the grid and select the Lock Headers option to save the changes.

NOTE: Each data grid in Resware has different columns that can be added/deleted, depending on the data being returned.

Modify Column Size

  • To modify the column width, while the data grid is unlocked, align the mouse with the column edge and adjust the column size as needed.
  • Right-click on the grid and select Lock Headers to save the changes.


Most data grids can be sorted for easier viewing.  As an example, look at the Documents panel. By default, the top-most item is the newest.

  • Click on the header for Filename, an arrow will appear in the column label and the data grid will be re-sorted by the file name.
  • If the arrow is pointing up, then the top-most item will be at the beginning of the alphabet. (Ascending order)
    • Click the header again and the arrow will point down, ordering the list in reverse. (Descending order)

Data Grids Using Email Templates as an Example

Action Lists/Email Templates

The Send Information panel for an outgoing email. In the Send To: Partners/Buyers/Sellers area, the default display for the columns Email To, Email CC, and Fax appear at to the far right in the grid, forcing the user to scroll in order to select the delivery method for each partner.  This slows users down, making them less efficient.

To customize the data grids in within Resware:

  • Right-click on the grid and un-check Lock Headers.  Unlocking the data grid allows the user to adjust the column size
  • Move the order the columns display and add/delete columns to be displayed.

  • To move columns within the data grid,  left-click in the column header and then drag/drop the column to the desired location for display.
  • Right-click on the grid and select the Lock Headers option to save the changes.

Updated on April 5, 2022

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