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Document Snapshots


This demonstrates how to set up and use snapshots in Resware to capture changes and create an audit trail for edited documents within a file.

Creating Template Snapshots

Admin/Documents and Templates/Templates

  • When adding or editing a template created using Microsoft Word, check the box Take Snapshot.
    • When checked, each time a user creates or edits a document created by this template on a file, a copy of that document will be saved as a snapshot within the file.
    • If unchecked, there is no way to retrieve prior versions of the document.  Only the document as amended will be retained.

Viewing Snapshots in a File

If a Microsoft Word document is created with a template that is set to create snapshots, each time a user edits and saves the document a snapshot is created and saved to the documents panel of the file.  This creates an audit trail for edited document within a file.

File Example

The ALTA commitment form is a Microsoft Word document created in an example file.  The original document was generated from the File/Search Data panel (when the user clicked on Generate Commitment) and was stored in the Documents panel, shown below.

To view snapshots in the file, click on the Documents tab and check Show Snapshots.

In this example, there are three snapshots in the file which means users edited and saved the Word document three times. The file will reflect the user name and date and time the document was saved after edits.

Each snapshot reflect the document exactly as it was edited and saved by the user at the time of the save.

User Tips for Snapshots

  • Users cannot edit a snapshot.
  • Multiple copies of a document can create confusion for users.  Users should be encouraged to leave the Show Snapshots setting un-checked.
  • The document without Snapshot in the filename is always the most recent version of the document and should be the only document version utilized to edit, review, and distribute.
Updated on April 12, 2022

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