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Documents Based on Number of Sellers


This demonstrates how to dynamically create documents based on the number of sellers on a file using conditional fields and Sub-Templates. This may be necessary for the 1099-S, where a different document needs to be created for each seller.

Create a Sub-Template for Each Seller

Admin\Documents & Templates\Templates

  • Create a new template
    • Select Sub Template as the Document Type
    • Select Sub Templates in Contained in Categories 
    • Enter the information that should print Sub-Template.
  • Repeat for each potential seller.

The example below shows Sub-Templates set up for up to nine sets of primary and secondary sellers.

Each Sub-Template will look exactly the same.  The only things that should change are the fields that are specific to each seller.

Below is the Sub-Template that is used for the secondary seller in Seller 1.

Fields in red are specific to the seller for whom the document is being generated.  Aside from these fields, each Sub-Template is identical

  • To change the merge fields to reflect a second, third, fourth, etc., seller, highlight the merge field and right click.
  • Select Edit Field.

  • In the Field name section of Field properties, change the ­_1 to a _2.

The settings below will pull the first seller’s name in the second set of sellers.

Create a Conditional Field for Each Seller Sub-Template

Admin\Documents & Templates\Conditional Fields

  • Add a new conditional field for each potential seller.

  • Set the conditional field Type to Returned.
  • Set the Match On field to the BuyerSellerName merge field for the seller that matches the conditional field.

  • Highlight the Returned value and click Edit.
  • Use Insert Template to insert the Sub-Template that matches the seller.
    • For each seller, insert the Sub-Template and change the iteration number to match the actual seller number.

For example: the above conditional field will pull the Seller 1 Spouse Sub-Template, will match on the Seller 1 Spouse field, and will test to see if there is a name in that field.  If there is a name in the field, the Returned value will be satisfied and the specified Sub-Template will be used.  If there is not a name in that field, the Not Returned value will be satisfied and no Sub-Template will be created for the secondary seller on Seller 1.

Create the Main Document

Admin\Documents & Templates\Templates

  • Create the main document that will be used for Seller 1.
  • At the bottom of that document, create a new page by inserting a page break and insert each of the conditional fields for the successive sellers. Only the conditional field(s) whose requirements are satisfied will have their Sub-Templates added.

Updated on April 12, 2022

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