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Documents: Hyperlinking


This demonstrates how to hyperlink documents that are on a file within another Resware document from the Search Data and Policy panels. Based on settings available at the document type and partner levels, the recipient will receive a link that will open the document immediately or will require them to retrieve documents from a secured website.

This demonstrates how to set up and use document type restrictions by offices and teams in Resware.

Version History

Version Date ID Description
6.12 10/27/2011 Insert Hyperlink available: Search Data: Easements & Restrictions/Language Template, Liens & Requirements/Language Template, Chain of Title/Notes, Taxes/Notes
9.2 03/27/2017 Insert Hyperlink available: Search Data/Legal, Policy/Legal
9.7.37 04/12/2019 Insert Hyperlink available: Search Data/Vesting, Policy/Vesting

Settings and Restrictions

Document types

Document settings in Resware will determine how a recipient will receive a hyperlinked document. A public document type will not have any restrictions set. The following are locations in Resware where restrictions that affect how a hyperlinked document is received may be set.

 Admin/Document Types

  • Default to Public: This setting will default the document type to allow the public to view the document without any restrictions by clicking on the hyperlink. If the document if set to Internal or Secured, then the document will not be public.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that only public record documents or documents not containing private information be marked as public.

  • Default to Internal Only: This setting will default the document type to allow only internal users to view the document. The document will not be available on the website.
  • Default to Secured: This setting will default the document type to allow only users with the role Documents: Add/Edit Secured Documents to add, edit, view, or modify the document. Without this permission, a user can see the name, date, and description, but may not open, view, or otherwise modify the document. The document will not be available on the website.

Creating a Public Document

Creating or setting a document type to public allows the document to be viewed via a hyperlink without the need for a recipient to log into the Resware portal. Once a document type is set to public, it is accessible unless there are additional restrictions set.

Office option

Admin/General Setup/Offices/Documents

  • Enable the Don’t Password Protect “Web Links” office option.

Document Types

Admin/Documents and Templates/Document Types

  • Click Add to create a new or Edit to manage an existing document type.
  • Check the box for Default to Public.
  • In the Visible to Partner Types area, select All to allow access to all partner types


  • Selected, then Add the Partner Types allowed access to this document type.
  • If applicable, in the Force Read Only on Website Download or when Emailed area, check the Force Read Only box to convert the document to a .pdf format
  • Click Save.

Hyperlinking a Document

Hyperlinking provides access to a document within another document, eliminating the need for additional attachments (i.e. copies of the documents relating to an easement, restriction, lien, or requirement).

Using hyperlinks avoids email size restrictions when attempting to attaching large documents such as covenants and restrictions.

The following areas are available to add a hyperlink to within another document:

File/Search Data

  • Vesting
  • Legal
  • Easements & Restrictions
  • Liens & Requirements
  • Chain of Title
  • Taxes


  • Vesting
  • Legal
  • Click Insert Hyperlink on the Search Data or Policy panels in the Vesting or Legal areas to insert hyperlinks to documents in these fields.


  • Select an item in one of the other areas listed above, then click View/Edit.
    • In the Easements & Restrictions or Liens & Requirements items, place the cursor in the Template field where the hyperlink should be inserted, then click Insert Hyperlink.
    • In the Chain of Title or Taxes items, place the cursor in the Notes field where the hyperlink should be inserted, then click Insert Hyperlink.

NOTE: The hyperlink will be inserted at the location of the cursor in the text or, if any text is selected, will replace the selected text using the selected text as the Text to Display as the hyperlink.

  • Select the document from the Link to Document list to hyperlink.
    • If the document if not currently on the file, first click Attach Document to upload the document from the local computer to add it to the list of available documents.
    • Only one document can be linked at a time. A new hyperlink will need to be added for each document when attaching multiple documents.
  • Enter a Text to Display name for the hyperlink. This will appear in the document as a blue underlined field for the user to click to open the attached document.
  • Click Insert, then Save.
  • Repeat as needed.

Create a commitment or another document such as a preliminary title report, abstract of title report, search package, or other report which contains the vesting, legal, easements and restrictions, liens and requirements, chain of title, or taxes to view the hyperlinks created.

File/Search Data

  • Click (Re)generate Commitment



  • Click Create and select a document containing the hyperlink(s).


  • Hyperlink does not open a document:
    • Verify that the document and the linked document are still on the File/Documents panel.
    • Verify that the document(s) are not set to Secured or Internal on the File/Documents panel.
    • If the document is not set to public, then verify:
      • That the visibility for the specified Document Type has been enabled for the partner type and the specific partner attempting to access the document at Admin/Documents and Templates/Document Types.
      • That the partner type’s web permissions for View Documents is enabled at Admin/Partners/Edit Employee.
  • When accessing the hyperlinked document, the recipient is required to login to the website:
    • If the document type is Defaulted to Public at Admin/Documents and Templates/Document Types, then look to see if the document has been changed on the File/Documents panel to Internal Only or Secured.
  • Recipient can edit the document:
    • Verify if the Force Read Only checkbox is enabled in the Force Read Only Website Download or when Emailed area at Admin/Documents and Templates/Document Types. If enabled, then verify if it is for all partner types, specific partner types, or even specific partners.
Updated on April 12, 2022

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