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This demonstrates how to attach documents, create documents, combine documents into a PDF package, and associate documents to actions.  Document management in Resware is used for storing important documents needed during the transaction; combining multiple Word, Excel, and PDF documents into a single PDF file to streamline emailing documents to partners; and providing more details for documents and actions when they’re related.

Attaching an Existing Document to the File


  • Click Attach Document to Current File or navigate to the File/Documents and click Attach.

The following panel will open:

  • Select the document(s) to attach.
    • Use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple documents from the desktop or a folder.
  • Click Open.

The Select Document Types and Enter Descriptions panel will open. Fields in bold on the panel are required.

  • If the Delete from Local box is checked, the document will be deleted from the computer after it’s uploaded. If this isn’t desired behavior, uncheck this box.
  • Select the Document Type for each document. If the “Other” document type is selected, then the Description must also be provided.
  • If Internal, Approved, Public, and/or Secured are set as default settings for the selected document type, the corresponding boxes will be automatically checked.   Adjust these settings as necessary.
  • Enter a Description for each document, if desired.
  • Click Save.
    • The documents will be uploaded to the file.

  • Confirm the documents are attached to the Documents tab of the file.

Creating Documents on a File


  • Click Create to create documents from templates that exist in Resware.

The Select Templates From Which To Create Documents panel will open.

  • Select a Category.
  • Select the Template(s) by clicking in the Select box next to the template Name.
  • Click Create Selected.

  • Resware will open each template selected and any merge fields in the document will be populated based on information from the file.
    • NOTE: Do not edit anything that’s in a merge field; the data will be overwritten the next time the document is opened.
  • Proof, edit, and complete all necessary details for each template.
  • Close the document(s) and select Yes to save the document(s) to the file.

  • Confirm that the documents have been saved to the Documents tab of the file.

Combining Documents into a PDF Package


  • Select multiple documents by holding Shift or Ctrl and selecting the documents.
  • Click Combine to bundle the selected documents into a single PDF package.

The PDF Merge panel will open. Fields in bold on the panel are required.

  • If the order of the documents should be different, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to arrange the order.
  • Assign the Result File Name.  This will be the file name of the new document.
  • Assign the Result Document Type.  This will be the document type of the new document.
  • Enter a Description, if desired.
  • Check Internal Only if the document should not be visible on the website.
  • Click Create.

  • Click OK on the message confirming the documents have been merged and attached to the file.

  • Confirm the PDF package saved to the Documents tab of the file.

Associating a Document to an Action


  • Select the document that should be associated with an action and click Associate.

The Associate Note With screen will appear:

  • Set the Item Type to Action.
  • Set the Item to the action that should be associated with the selected document.
  • If the Mark Action as Completed box is checked, the action will be completed.  If this isn’t desired behavior, uncheck this box.
  • Click OK.

  • Go to the Actions tab to confirm that the Docs column for the selected action shows that there is a document associated with the action.

Updated on April 12, 2022

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