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Doma: CPL & Jacket (fka NATIC or North American Title Insurance Company)


The Doma (fka NATIC) integration allows users to generate and void closing protection letters and policy jackets from within Resware. When this integration is used, the documents are attached to a file without a user having to go to the underwriter’s website.

This demonstrates how to set up and use the Doma integration.

Begin here: Contact a Doma representative for further information and to register for services. Inform Doma the account will be a Resware integration. Account information, including a username and password, will be provided.

Note: A Doma: CPL & jacket user guide is available which demonstrates how to use the Doma CPL & eJacket integration. 

Next: Follow the set up steps in this article.

Next: Test.

Troubleshooting: After verifying username and password, contact Resware’s customer success team at to verify the application configuration bindings and endpoint settings if successful connection is not achieved.

Version History





CPL integration built

7.23.102/27/201410147eJacket integration built
7.31.211/20/201410995Added voiding for CPLs and eJackets
 04/05/2021 Split user guide into a separate article
05/11/2022Revised from NATIC to Doma

Enable Office Options


Admin/General Setup/Offices/Web Services

  • Enable the CPL: Allow request of CPL from underwriters office option.

Policy jacket

Admin/General Setup/Offices/Web Services

  • Enable the Policy: Enable eJacket Requests office option.

Create an Underwriter Partner

NOTE: Skip to the next step if using an existing underwriter partner for this integration.


  • Click New.
  • Enter a Company Name, such as Doma.
  • Enter the partner’s information and set the Partner Type to Underwriter.
  • Click Save.
  • Complete the setup in the Adding an Underwriter Partner article.

Selecting the Underwriter Service

Admin/Partners/Edit Partner/Underwriter/Miscellaneous

  • Select NATIC from the Underwriter Service drop-down menu.
  • Select CPL from the CPL Document Type drop-down menu.
    • Select the Loan Policy Jacket from the Lender Jacket Document Type drop-down menu.
    • Select the Owner Policy Jacket from the Owner Jacket Document Type drop-down menu.
  • Click Save.

CPL Addresses

Admin/Partners/Edit Lender/Lender

  • If a lender’s address on the CPL documents needs to be different than the lender’s address in Resware, click on the Lender option in the Edit Partner panel and complete the CPL Address Override information with the address that should appear on the CPL.
  • Click Save, Save.
Updated on May 18, 2022

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