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Editing PDF’s


This demonstrates how PDFs that have already been attached in Resware can be edited and have the changes saved to the Documents tab in Resware, similar to how Word documents are edited and saved.

Enable the File Type for Editing

Admin/Documents and Templates/File Types

  • Highlight PDF and click Edit.

  • Click Allow Editing Attachments.
  • Click  Save.

Example on the File


  • Highlight a PDF document and open it by clicking the Open button or by double-clicking on it.

  • Edit the document as needed.

  • Close the document in the PDF viewer and save the changes.

  • Say Yes to the Save Document? prompt.  This is what will save the changes to the file.

  • The Date Modified column will display the date and time the document was updated.
  • If the document is opened, it will display the changes that were made and saved.

NOTE: It may be desirable to enable snapshots for important documents that can be edited, since the PDF will be overwritten with any edits, replacing the original with the edited version.  If snapshots are enabled, users will be able to obtain a copy of the document before edits were made.  To enable snapshots on edited attachments, go to Admin/Documents & Templates/Document Types, select a document type, click Edit, and select Snapshot Edited Attachments.

It may also be advisable to select Default Snapshots to Internal so the snapshots are not visible on the website.

Updated on April 12, 2022

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