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There are two possible ways to get integrated with Encompass: Using a third-party product such as RealEC or ClosingCorp (CCOM) or through a direct integration with Resware. The direct integration is the most straight-forward in that it moves data directly between Encompass and Resware, but other options may have additional functionality. With the direct integration, once a Resware customer is integrated with Encompass, the Encompass user can Request Fees, Place an Order, and Download Documents (typically Resware would be configured to email a notification that the document (i.e., commitment) is ready, and then the user can retrieve the document from within Encompass).

Contact:Rick Lepard, Partner Alliance Director
M: 925-227-5923
(Reference Qualia/Resware when inquiring so requests are routed properly.)
Time/Cost:Varies; In general, there will be a setup fee and monthly minimums so it won’t make financial sense unless they are doing a decent volume with Encompass lenders.
Resware:$500.00 setup (one-time cost)

NOTE:  Recording fees that are returned via this integration from Ernst or Certus are using the default answers and jurisdictions, so the fees may not be 100% accurate. Resware does not have a way to display questions/answers for recording fees with the Encompass integration.  The user cannot choose from endorsements to include, but any default endorsements being auto-added to the product will be returned.  Contact for additional information regarding this integration’s capabilities.


  • The customer must have the RESTful Resware API web services installed.
  • The customer must receive a demo from Resware to ensure that the integration will meet their needs before Ellie Mae will sign a contract with them.


For testing, the Resware admin will need to set up the Encompass customer as a client in Resware and create a partner employee and give them an employee username and password for the website. Encompass will only import XML, PDF, and DOCX files they receive via the GET documents API call.

The integration does not:

  • Send documents from Encompass to Resware
  • Send notes from Resware directly into Encompass
  • Send notes after order placement from Encompass to Resware
  • Update fees in Encompass after an estimate/order has been imported into Encompass
  • Send the name of the party that the funds will be paid to
  • If a purchase starts in Resware, the user cannot “link” an Encompass loan to an existing Resware file
  • Provide notifications within Encompass
  • Set the APR flag per fee in Encompass. Resware does not have a field to indicate if a fee affects APR, but the lender can set this up with fee templates within Encompass
  • Remember/repopulate what the user entered on a previous estimate/order on the same file


  1. The lender calls the GFE web service and can import the fees into Encompass (Encompass has a HUD/CD in it)
  2. The lender places an order via the web service.
  3. Resware documents available to the lender are imported into Encompass. Encompass can’t automatically notify the lender when documents are available. Therefore, Resware should notify the lender when their documents are available (such as using an action email template). Inside Encompass, the user will need to click a button to check for available documents and retrieve.

User Accounts

Accounts created for the lender users must have the following website roles:

  • Estimate Costs
  • View Documents
  • Web Services: Get Documents
  • Web Services: Order Placement

The easiest way to test what products are available to a given partner or check the fees that will be given to them is to login to the website using that user’s username/password and get an estimate.

Updated on June 21, 2022

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