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FAQ: Access and Setup

Anonymous User Functionality

How does Anonymous Order Placement work?

To enable this feature, enable the office option “Website: Allow Anonymous Orders To Be Placed”.

Create a link on your website to the following URL to access the anonymous New Order page:

Files created this way will have the “Anonymous Client” as the client on the file and will be in office ID 1.

Make sure to edit this client’s products to enable those products that you wish anonymous users to be able to order.

To change the client from “Anonymous” to another client:

  • Create the new client (if necessary)
  • Select the “Admin/Modify Files…” menu item
  • Load the file and then click the “Change Client” button. Select the proper client and click “Save”.

If this file belongs in a different office, go Admin/Import/File Modifications and specify an office and client in that office.

How does Anonymous Cost Estimation work?

To enable this feature, enable the office option “Website: Allow Anonymous Orders To Be Placed”.

Create a link on your website to the following URL to access the anonymous Estimated Costs page:

Be sure to edit the anonymous user’s fees that you wish anonymous users to be use for estimating.


How can I change colors/styles on the website?

Go Admin/Website/Website styles

You can edit the sample styles there, and modify additional styles that you find on the site.

You can also use the styles to hide elements. For example, to hide the company name, add “visibility: hidden;” to the .company-name element.

How do I get a custom logo on website?

Copy the logo file to C:inetpubwwwrootimagescustom

Go Admin/Website/Website styles and change the .header-logo to point to the logo. For example: images/custom/MyLogo.gif

There are two spots that HTML/javascript can be “injected” onto the page.  One right before the table with the ID “PageHeader” and the other right before the table with the ID “PageFooter”.

The HTML that you want to display needs to be inserted into the ApplicationConfig database table with the ApplicationID column set to  “HTMLCustomHeaderX” and “HTMLCustomFooterX”, where “X” is replaced with the OfficeID of the office that you want to inject the HTML on (look at the Office database table to determine the correct ID; if you only have one Office in your system, then the ID is likely “1”).  Your HTML is placed in the “Value” column of the table (which is a varchar(max) field, so there’s no length restriction).

How do I get a different phone number to appear on the website?

By default, the phone number that is shown on the website is the phone number of the office that the user logs into.

If the number on the website needs to be different than the office, you have two options to make this happen:

  1. Edit the partner and put the website number in the Support Phone field in the Website section in the lower-left corner. This would have to be done for all of the partners you want to see the website phone number.
  2. Have your staff come up with custom HTML that would then be put into the ApplicationConfig table in the Resware database that would then override the website header (see above). A good basis for this custom HTML is to View Page Source of the Home page on the website and copy the <table id=”PageHeader” section at the top and then modify it to include the website site phone number.


What permissions are required to allow a website user to cancel files?

The user must be the client on the file and have the “Cancel Files” website role enabled.

How can a user ensure they are viewing the correct logo/office information when logging into the website?

Make sure the office you would like to view is set to default for the partner/user (not just set to access).

Is there a Loan Amount Changed External Trigger when a Loan Amount is changed by a Client on the website?

No, there is not. There is only a trigger for when the Loan Amount is changed via the UpdateFileInfo web service.

When I attempt to log into the website I’m just brought back to the log in page with no error message and the user name and password fields are now blank.

Make sure that your browser is set to allow cookies to be set for your site.

How can a user log into the website without having to supply a username and password?

Their user name and password can be supplied on a URL like this:

How can a client’s client partner place an order on the website?

A partner can log in to the Resware website and place an order for a client by ending the Resware login URL with ClientID=<System ID>. This System ID can be obtained by doing an partner admin search, looking at the right most column in the partner grid. For example, If the client that you would like to place the order for has a System ID of 3, the URL you would use  

If your client’s client logs in from this URL and has the “Request New File” role enabled, they will be able to place an order for this client.

I would like to direct my users to a client-branded website without sending the client ID in the URL to my users.

Create a directory in the website to which you would like to send to your clients. For example,

In IIS, right-click this directory and select properties. Under the directory tab, select the radio button ‘A redirection to a URL’. Enter the URL you would like to redirect to. For example,

Why does the File Audit Trail say the anonymous client is viewing documents on the website?

The File Audit Trail can show that a document has been viewed by the anonymous client if:

  • The document is Public. Public is a property of the document while “Default to Public” is set on the document type.
  • The document is made available without logging via a web link in an email. The preference for which to receive documents in emails for buyers/sellers, partners and employees can be set to “Send Documents As” web links.

How do you control what Office is displayed in the bottom left of the login page? 

  • Direct to specific office by adding ?officeid = XXX (where XXX is the ID of the desired office) to the URL given out
  • The logic is it first looks for OfficeID from the URL, then from the session, then from the office table if any office’s ReswareWebsite matches the URL(first in the result). If still not found, then display the lowest OfficeID’s name. 
  • To suppress entirely, add the following to Admin> Website> Website Styles…
    .footer-office {
        display: none
Updated on July 26, 2022

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