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FAQ: Settlement: Reports


I am getting an error when trying to generate a HUD: Could not generate the HUD report.  An entry with the same key already exists”.

This usually means that there is a duplicate of a line that there shouldn’t be, like the owner’s coverage. To fix, find the duplicate, and delete the line.

Can I default to use the ALTA closing statement?

Yes, enable the office option: Settlement: Default to Using ALTA Closing Statement.

How can I show the (L) on the CD when the lender is paying a fee on behalf of the buyer?

Enter the fee as a POC. Verify that the ExtendedPOC property is enabled on the settlement line. If the ExtendedPOC is not enabled, the POC fields will not have the option to select the partner from a dropdown.

When the ExtendedPOB is enabled, select the lender from the dropdown. This will automatically display the (L) on the CD as needed.

Can I show a different designation on the CD when a partner is paying a fee on behalf of the buyer/seller?

Yes, this can be done on the Partner Type administration. Admin/Partner Related/Partner Types. Edit the Partner Type and enter a CD Code as needed. Make sure to enter the parens ().

Can I allow users to override line descriptions on certain settlement lines?

Yes, for lines that users should be able to adjust the description, confirm that Override Line Description is enabled.

Go to Admin/General Setup/Settlement Type Defaults to edit the settlement line for the settlement version. Click on the Property tab and edit Override Line Description. If not displayed, then click Add. Check both Show and Enable.


Updated on April 14, 2022

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