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FATIC: Policy Upload (First American Title Insurance Company)


This demonstrates how to set up and use the First American Title Insurance Company’s AgentNet integration to upload policies directly from within Resware.

Begin here: Contact a First American Title representative to register and receive login credentials. These credentials are used for this integration in addition to the CPL, eJacket, and search integrations.

Next: Complete the steps in this job aid.

Then: Test. Contact the Resware support team at if additional assistance is needed.

Version History

9.10.101/31/202017760Integration built
03/02/20212034212XML client panel update

Set up the XML Client

Admin/General Setup/XML Clients/General

  • Select First American and click Edit.
  • Check Enabled to enable the service.
  • Enter the Web Service URL as
  • Enter the Outgoing Username provided by First American (AgentNet credentials).
  • Enter the Outgoing Password provided by First American (AgentNet credentials).
  • Set the Send Errors To an email address where notifications will be sent when errors occur.

Admin/General Setup/XML Clients/Policy Upload

  • Click the Policy Upload tab.
  • Click Add to select document types for policy upload.
  • Click Save, Save.
  • Click Save.

Set XML to Products

Admin/Action Lists/Product Types/XML

  • Edit each product on which the First American functionality is needed.
  • Click the XML tab.
  • Click Add.
  • Select First American and click OK. If the First American package is already on the product, select it and click Remove, then re-add the package.
  • Click Save, Close.

Set up an Action to Upload the Policy

The following step will upload the policy directly to AgentNet.

Adding the action

Admin/Action lists/Action Groups

  • Select an action group where this functionality should occur and click Edit Actions.
  • Click Add Action.
    • Click New Global Action and enter the Name as First American policy upload
    • Click Save.
  • Set a Coordinator as the Responsible Party.
  • Other options, such as Auto-start when Added to File, may be utilized depending on what is needed to make the flow of the action group work for each customer.
  • Click Save.

Adding an affect

  • Highlight the action that was just added and click Edit Affects.
  • In the Complete Task Marked Done Affects area, click Add.
    • In the 5 – Marking Done Sends XML area: 
      • Set the XML as First American: Policy Upload
      • Set the Sent To as Underwriter
    • Click Save.

NOTE: For further information on adding to the action workflow, see the additional job aids available on the customer portal.

Example on a File

Generate a policy on a file. Verify that the documents created use the document type mapped for policy upload on the underwriter partner specific settings (Partner>Underwriter>Miscellaneous>CPL/Jackets).


  • Complete the action created in the prior step for sending the policy upload.
  • If transmission is successful, a note will be added to the file.
  • If transmission is not successful or the upload requirements set by First American are not met, the user will get an error message and a note is added to the file. Examples of requirements include uploading an allowable file type or no new documents are available to upload. See AgentNet for a full list of upload requirements.
  • When the policy is uploaded, it is available in AgentNet to view or edit in Word format.


Updated on April 20, 2022

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