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FATIC: Search User Guide (First American Title Insurance Company)


This user guide demonstrates how to use the First American integration to send search order requests directly from Resware, rather than having to log into an external website.

Ordering a First American search product

File/Search Data/First American Search

  • Enter a Username.

This is the AgentNet login, which is unique to each user and will auto-populate on all files for the current user after it has been entered once.

  • Enter a Password.

This is the AgentNet password, which is unique to each user and will auto-populate on all files for the current user after it has been entered once.

  • Click Update User.

This will verify credentials and populate the available lists in the drop-down options on this page.

  • Select an Office.

This list is populated based on the offices available to the user’s account in First American’s system.

  • Select an Underwriter.

NOTE: Once an order has been placed from Resware to First American for CPLs, eJackets, or searches, the Office and Underwriter selected cannot be changed.

  • For orders in Connecticut, a State Specific option will appear. See the additional steps in the State-specific orders section of this article.
  • Select a Transaction Type.
  • Select a Business Segment.
  • Select the Product.

These products are provided by First American. If Agency File Scanning, Agency Policy Typing, Agency Post Closing, or Ownership & Encumbrances is selected, then the user will also need to click the checkbox at the bottom of the disclosure to accept the terms.

  • Select the Property Type.

  • In Email Notification, enter an email address where the email notifications from First American should be sent. If multiple email addresses should receive notifications, enter a semi-colon (;) in between each email address.

Optionally, enter a note in the Note for Order field if needed. This can be used for specifying additional search information and will be included in the order.

  • Click on Add Document to attach documents that should be sent with the order (if any). This will display the documents available from the Documents panel of the file. Highlight the document(s) to send with the order and click Add.

NOTE: If a Clear2Go product is selected, do not add notes or documents to the order. They will not impact processing of the automated Clear2Go report.

  • When all of the data is entered, click Order Product to send the order to First American.

First American will send a notification to the email address(es) supplied above confirming the order.

Another notification email will be sent when the order is complete. This email will contain links to any documents or XML files based on products ordered. Resware checks every five minutes and adds results to files. To expedite this process once the email is received, a user can click on Refresh Order in the Submitted Search Order area. Documents can be opened and viewed on the File/Documents panel. If desired, Document Added action triggers may be set up based on the document types being added to the file.

See the Import search data section of this article for information on how to retrieve the search data from an XML file received.

The documents are also uploaded to the File/Document panel.

Submitted Search Orders

File/Search Data/First American Search

  • Submitted orders will be displayed in the Submitted Search Orders area.
  • The information is updated every five minutes or when a user opens the First American Search panel and clicks on Refresh Order.

  • To view a detailed status of the order, request an update on the order status, or to add additional search notes or documents, highlight the order and click View/Edit an Order. A user may need to first click Update User to access the order.

Tasks will be displayed in the Order Progress Details area with their Started and Completed dates. Use the scroll bar to view all tasks.

To request a status update or to cancel an order:

  • Click Update to enter a note asking for an update or to cancel the order, then click Send.

NOTE: Updates are not available for the automated Clear2Go report. If file information changes, or the report expires, order a second Clear2Go report on the same file.

To add a search note to the original order:

  • Enter new information in the Notes field, then click Submit. The note will be sent to First American and a new log entry will be added in the Notes history field.

To add a document(s) to the original order:

  • Click Add Document, choose from the available documents that are on the File/Documents panel (Ctrl+Click if adding multiple documents) and click Add.
  • Click Upload Document(s) to send. NOTE: All documents will be sent that are in the Documents to be uploaded area, not just the one that is highlighted.

Import Search Data

File/Search Data/General

Import the XML document that was received to populate information on the Search Data/General panel. The document may include the following fields:

 Vesting (Buyer or Seller) Commitment Effective Date Legal Interest Parcel ID County State Easements & RestrictionsLiens & Requirements

NOTE: For the state of Pennsylvania only, Chain of Title information will also populate information on the Search Data/Chain of Title panel, which may include the following fields:

 Deed Type Grantors Grantees Book/Page Instrument Dated Recorded

  • Click on Import.
  • Highlight the XML file to import, then click on Import.

If the XML file is not currently on the file and has been downloaded to a directory on the computer, then click Browse to search for the file, highlight the file, and click on Import.

NOTE: Copy Duplicate Easements and Copy Duplicate Liens are selected by default. If unchecked, Resware will try to determine if any duplicates exist, however, all information has to match to be considered a duplicate. Warnings will appear if any current information exists where new data is available from the XML file. The user may select Yes to set to the new value or No to retain the information currently on the file.

Once all the information has been imported, the user will receive this notification.

  • Click OK to see the populated information in Resware.

The file will then display the information that was imported.

All Easements & Restrictions and Liens & Requirements will import as a Type – Other.

  • Highlight the entry and click on View/Edit in the Easements & Restrictions area and/or the Liens & Requirements area to update the Type as needed.
  • Check the Keep Language When Switching Type box to retain the language information imported.

NOTE: To automate importing search data and alleviate the need to manually import each search received on a file, follow the set-up requirements contained in the article First American Search.

State-Specific Orders

For properties located in the state of Connecticut, additional information is required to place an order. A State-Specific option will appear when the Office and the Underwriter are selected.

  • Click on State Specific.
  • Enter the Due Date.
  • Enter the Search Type from the drop-down list.
  • If no Municipal Search Type is needed, then select Selected and select None. This is First American’s default selection.
  • If Municipal Search Type(s) are needed, select either:
    • All or Selected to choose the items needed from the available list, then click Add.
  • Select the Copy Type as Full, Limited, or Refinance.
  • Click Save.
  • Continue with placing the order as shown in the Ordering a First American search product section of this article.

Updated on April 20, 2022

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