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Feedback Automatic by TitleTap


This allows a company to send requests for feedback from within ResWare. Title Tap also provides a web portal where the responses can be managed and tracked.  Positive feedback will prompt customers to leave a public review, while negative feedback will trigger a private message instead of posting a public review.  This will lead to more positive reviews and higher ranking in search engines.

This demonstrates how to set up and use TitleTap’s Feedback automatically by setting up a link on an email template in the action workflow.

Begin here: Contact TitleTap for further information or to register for services at, or call (424) 234-9725.  Additional information including a demo is available on their website at  Inform the sales representative that the account will be for a ResWare integration.   Account information will be provided, including a link to add to an email template in ResWare.

Next: Contact Resware’s support team at to have HTML emails enabled.

Next: Complete the following steps.

Next: Test

Version History


 Pre 8.26



Information and screenshots created with v9.10

Adding an Email Template

Admin/Action Lists/Email Templates

  • Click New to add an email template (or Edit to add link to an existing email template).
  • Enter the Template Name such as TitleTap – buyer.
  • Set the Send Action to Automatically send (no user interaction).
  • Set the Send Method to Email Only.
  • Enter an Email Subject that describes the email message.
  • Enter a message in the Email Body to the recipient including any merge fields or conditional fields to populate the message as needed.
    • Click on the hyperlink icon  at the point where the link should appear.
      • Set the Text to display as the word or phrase that will appear as the link.
      • Enter the link provided by TitleTap.
      • Click OK.
    • In the Send To area, select the partner type as the Buyer, then click Save.
    • Repeat these steps to create additional email templates for the seller or other partner types as desired.

Adding or Editing a Global Action

Add the email template to an existing action in the workflow or create a new global action.  In this example, a new global action is created and email templates for both a buyer and seller are used.  This will send both emails when the action is completed in the workflow.  For further information on setting up action workflows, see the action job aids available on the customer portal.

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups

  • Select the action group where this functionality will be added and click Edit Actions.
  • Click Add Action to add a new action in the workflow.
    • Click New Global Action to create an action.
      • Set the Action Name to something like Feedback request.
      • In the Completing Email Template area, click Add and select the email templates created in the prior step.
      • Click Save.
    • In the Start Task/Responsible Party area, set the Coordinator as the coordinator who will complete the task.
    • Set the action as Dynamic.  This will require setting another action’s affect to add the action to the workflow.
    • Check Auto-add when Added to File.  This will start the action.
    • Click Save.

Example on a File

When the action is completed, the emails will be sent and displayed on the Notes panel in the file.

When the recipient receives the email and clicks on the link, they will be directed to a website where they can leave a review of their experience.  This includes a five-star (or face emoticon) ranking system and is customized to include the company’s logo.

A review that is completed with 4-5 stars will be redirected and asked to leave their comments on Facebook or Google.

A review that is 3 or less stars will be asked for additional information and the user will be notified that they will be contacted about their experience.

Administrative Management Tool

In addition to receiving an email when feedback is received, the customer is provided access to a web portal where users can monitor, manage, and respond directly to any feedback received.  Multiple user access can be set up, allowing management of feedback to be done by department or priority.  TitleTap will provide a tutorial and ongoing support of this web portal.

Feedback is automatically categorized based on the star rank it receives from the customer.  This queue is color coded allowing ease of use and the ability to handle problem feedback efficiently.

Reports are generated and exported in a csv format.  They can include variables such as date range or ticket status and can include notes and details added from responses and management of issues.  

Updated on April 20, 2022

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