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This guide to integrations available within Resware, includes a brief description, contact information, and any known provider costs. Contact the integration vendor directly to sign up for their services unless it is specifically noted to contact Resware. A description of vendor services is provided, which may include estimated pricing. Verify pricing directly with the vendor to ensure accuracy. If applicable, Resware’s billable time and any additional costs are noted.

NOTE: Integrations that require set-up time and/or ongoing usage fees by Resware are denoted with an asterisk (*). Learn more about each integration by clicking on their website link.


1099 Pro

1099Pro is a standalone reporting software used to generate 1099 payments and can import payment details into Resware. There are two systems for determining who needs a 1099 – one for sellers and one for vendors. The spreadsheets generated from these reports can be fed into third-party tools like 1099Pro for tax reporting purposes. Contact sales at (888) PRO-1099.  Their pricing starts at $269.

Baca, Stein, White and Associates, Inc. (BSWA)

This enables Resware users to automate the process of sending positive pay files to the bank.   Contact BSWA sales at (281) 342-2646.


This service is a real-time identity and wire fraud prevention platform for real estate, mortgage, and title professionals to authenticate transaction parties and securely transfer wiring information.  Every transaction protected by CertifID is guaranteed up to $1,000,000.  CertifID is fully integrated with Resware to provide customers the ability to confirm transaction details and securely share wiring details directly within Resware.  Contact sales at (616) 888-6427 or

HRS Escheat

Escheatment is the process of identifying funds that are considered abandoned and sending them to the state to hold.  Each state has a different period after which funds are considered unclaimed or abandoned. Resware can produce an export to upload to the state agencies using HRS Pro.   HRS Pro is free and the enterprise edition starts at $295 for a three-user license.


Stay on top of escrow activities with First Banking Services’ On-Trac service for automatic daily transaction monitoring and three-way reconciliation.  On-Trac provides customers with daily account monitoring, alerting, full reconciliation services, and more.  Once service is established, data is automatically retrieved several times daily from Resware for analysis and review.   On-Trac maintains and stores comprehensive records of all actions taken for audit and compliance purposes and are available when viewing file ledgers.  Contact sales at (888) 367-9901 or

Positively Balanced

This service provides customized escrow reconciliation service solutions for the monitoring of transactions, fraud detection, and audit readiness while ensuring proper compliance regulations and ALTA’s Best Practices are followed.  Their services help title insurance companies save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes.  Contact sales at (800) 931-6038.


Rynoh’s patented financial management and fraud prevention system ensures transaction integrity preventing fraud, escrow theft, embezzlement, or disbursement errors.  It provides escrow account monitoring, daily reconciliation, automated positive pay uploads to banks, and more.  Contact sales at (757) 333-3760 Ext. 5.

TIN Matching

Resware’s export and import functionality in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service’s TIN Matching program is a free validation service available online to authorized payers and their authorized agents who submit information returns such as 1099s. This service will verify tax IDs and name combinations and reduce errors in the submission of tax forms.

Address Validation

DataTree by First American

DataTree provides a property search when an order is placed in Resware to return the parcel ID, a brief legal description of the property, the tax area, zoning, land use, and county use information.  Customers can also gain access to property profile information directly through the Resware website without having to visit public records for each property.   Contact sales at (866) 377-6639 or

Smarty Streets *

This address and geocoding service validates property addresses entered in Resware and avoids searching incorrect properties.  When an address is incorrect, the user will be asked if they want to make a suggested change (if a suggestion is available).  This is a direct contract with Resware. Contact for more information or register for service. Requires one billable hour for Resware to set up fee and $0.03 per hit.

Bank Integrations *

Resware has integrations with the banks listed below.  To get started with any of these, contact your bank to inquire about their automated features, setup, and recurring costs.  For the fund claim system, inquire specifically about intra-day downloads of BAI files every fifteen minutes.  Call Qualia for further details.

Incoming Wires (fund claims) *

Wires coming into an account will be displayed in real-time without having to contact the bank or have access to online banking.  When accessed from a file, the Fund Claims panel will display all the wires that have not already been claimed, and the unclaimed wires can be claimed and receipted into files.

Outgoing Wires *

Disbursed wires go through a review process prior to being automatically uploaded to the bank’s queuing system from within Resware where a secondary validation via the bank’s website occurs.  Once the wire has been issued, the bank sends the wire confirmation number back into Resware.

Positive Pay (manual generation) *

Resware generates positive pay reports that are exported from Resware and imported to the bank’s website to verify the authenticity of payments.  These reports alert the bank of checks that have been disbursed or voided.   Utilizing the ability to authenticate checks is a tenant of ALTA’s Best Practices.

Positive Pay (automated generation) *

Resware sends positive pay reports automatically to the bank’s web portal.

Stop Pay *

Resware automates the stop payment process of checks that have previously been disbursed.

Supported banks and features 

This chart lists banking institutions and the types of integrations available with each.

Cloud Hosting

Premier One

Premier One specializes in information technology management for the title industry.  Premier provides a cloud-based hosting option for the Resware platform.  Contact sales at (888) 594-0059.


Cloud-based hosting option for the Resware platform.  Contact sales at (469) 609-0160 or



This artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant helps title agents provide enhanced customer service.  Alanna processes natural language queries for Resware file-specific information such as status, documents, closing cost estimates, and more via text or chat. Alanna can also answer general office or title information questions.  Contact sales at (214) 983-8850.


CloseSimple provides company branded emails, including custom-made title tracker, logos, standard messaging, and attachments, sent from files in Resware.  Contact sales at (612) 743-4453.


MessageLeap is a seamless email-to-test and text-to-email service that allow texting to clients by sending an email from Resware.  There is no need to spend time and money to train users on additional, business texting application, all communications can be done from within Resware.   MessageLeap’s Resware integration makes it easy to communicate with on-the-go realtors, buyers, and sellers, helping to avoid end-of-the-month crunches due to unanswered phone calls or emails.  Contact sales at (863) 286-0100.


ZipWhip enables two-way texting on any office landline, toll-free, or a VoiP phone number within Resware.  The fastest and easiest way to connect with customers without using personal cell phones or emails.  Users can send text messages directly out of Resware and can assign incoming messages to files.  Contact sales at (844) 947-9447.

Document Preparation

BC Docs

BC Law’s BC Docs is a service that enables customers to electronically request deed preparation services from Resware. BC Docs supports the title and mortgage industries with mortgage closings, settlement solutions, UPL advice, disbursement services, title transfer assistance, mortgage-related document preparation, and conveyance. Contact sales at (877) 838-0777 or

Document Retainment/Marketing


This provides DigitalDocsTM, an online document storage repository, and preDOCsTM, an electronic form that guides consumers through the execution of all required pre-closing documents.  It then returns the assigned documents directly to a company-designated email using the latest end-to-end encryption.  Contact sales at (877) 711-7226 or


This provides a secure online system encrypted document delivery and storage for title agency customers within Resware and a continuous connection with all customers.  Contact sales at (800) 280-5281. Requires two billable hours for Resware to set up.

Email Tracking and Encryption


This service sends emails securely through the customer’s server to utilize existing security and encryption protocols or through CloseSimple servers.   Contact CloseSimple at (612) 743-4453.


A leader in secure and certified electronic communications, RPost’s RMail application integration with Resware provides a seamless experience for email tracking, encryptions, and proof of delivery meeting compliance requirements. Contact sales at (866) 468-3315

Lender (LOS) and REALTOR® Systems

Closing Collaboration by Simplifile

This allows lenders and settlement agents to securely share, validate, and collaborate on loan documents, disclosures, fees, and more.  Contact sales at (800) 649-1362 or

Encompass Direct

Once a Resware customer is integrated with Encompass, the Encompass user can:  request fees, place orders, or access documents.  Contact Resware for additional information regarding this integration’s capabilities.  Contact EllieMae at (925) 227-2021 or  Requires a $500 Resware setup fee.

Closing Insight by Black Knight *

Closing Insight is a collaborative platform that enables the communication of lender and settlement agent data between the parties for the timely and accurate production of the Integrated Closing Disclosure form, as well as electronic ordering and fulfillment of title, closing, and document signing orders.   Several major lenders use Closing Insight to interact with settlement providers.  Contact sales at (877) 273-2532.  Requires Resware contract hours for setup/testing fee plus $4.00 per file.


Middleware that connects a customer using Resware to their REALTORS® using one of the many real estate transaction management products.  They also have an interface for additional collaboration features, including executing documents via DocuSign.  Contact sales at (773) 313-3187.

ClosingCorp Order Management *

With this service enabled, orders are sent directly into Resware from Encompass and other LOS systems.  The integration can then send and receive notes and documents to and from the file.  Contact sales at (724) 260-0684.

Patriot Act Searches


Update 3/11/2022: Experian has retired their IntelligentSearch Patriot Act service and are no longer taking new customers.

This service uses advanced name matching to ensure Global Watch List and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) compliance.  A search against this database is done every time a buyer or seller is added or modified in Resware.  Contact sales at (888) 727-8822.


Enhance your workflow and compliance with SimpliRisk by Paylynxs for Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) scanning solutions.  Contact sales at (505) 217-1046 or

Recording Fees


Certus provides accurate recording fees and transfer taxes necessary for GFE, CD, and HUD completion.   Certus protects agents from taking losses on real estate transactions due to incorrect fees and other document issues.  Contact sales at (888) 808-4644 or

Ernst Publishing

Ernst provides complete, guaranteed recording fees and taxes, saving clients time and money. In Resware, Ernst calculations can be enabled per county and can be turned on/off on a per-customer basis for both website estimates and on file creation.   Contact sales at (800) 345-3822. ext 0.

Recording Services

Corporation Service Company (CSC)

The only direct provider of a total recording solution that encompasses paper recordings in counties that do not yet accept electronic documents.  Contact sales at (866) 403-5272.

eRecording Partners Network (ePN)

Processes documents to be submitted from within Resware and recorded to jurisdictions throughout the U.S.   Contact sales at (888) 325-3365 or

Recording Express

e-Record directly to your county recorder’s office in the state of Arizona. Electronically send documents from Resware and back to the appropriate file via Recording Express.   Contact sales at (520) 618-7411.


Documents are submitted directly from within Resware.  When the document is recorded, the instrument number and cost are communicated back to Resware and an action is automatically triggered.  Resware is also notified of rejections and logs the rejection reason as well as triggering an action.  Contact sales at (800) 460-5657 or

Release Tracking


reQuire provides services in acquiring releases/discharges and ensuring that they are recorded timely and correctly.  Contact sales at (877) 505-5400 or

Reporting Services

Entrinsik Informer

Entrinsik’s Informer business intelligence application is used to create reports and dashboards from Resware data.  Informer can be installed within hours and users can go live with the application within days after install. End-users can create, export and schedule reports without the assistance of an IT resource or complex report development training.   Contact sales at (888) 703-0016 or  

Feedback Automatic by TitleTap

Feedback Automatic has made it even easier to market positive reviews across the web.  Title and settlement agency customers can provide reviews for the web and social media through direct links within Resware’s automated emails.  Contact sales at (424) 234-9725.


On-Trac extracts escrow financial information from Resware for reporting and monitoring purposes in addition to providing reconciliation services for accounts managed in Resware.   Contact sales at (888) 367-9907 or

Process Fast – Ops Insights

Connect your Ops Insights account to Resware for business intelligence and reporting to run your business with real-time reporting.  Ops Insights provides a large Resware report library with standard criteria and templated roles to get your dashboards rolled out quickly.  Contact Ops Insight at (803) 712-3278 or


A.S.K. Services *

As a leader in the public record research industry, A.S.K. Services is known for its expertise and outstanding service.  They stay on top of the latest industry trends and statutory requirements to provide clients with the highest quality service.  Contact sales at  Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

American Property Guard *

American Property Guard provides tax certificates and HOA certificates.  Resware users can request property information directly within Resware returning real-time, fully indemnified tax information.  Contact sales at (888) 519-1367.  Requires one billable hour from Resware to set up.

Ameristar *

Ameristar performs title searches based on the product using Resware-to-Resware partner mapping.   They return the search information directly into Resware.  Contact sales at (800) 920-9270 or  Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

CertSimple Real Estate Tax Certificates *

Provides certified tax certificates, assessed and market values, tax rates, and HOA contact information through Resware.  Contact sales at (713) 231-8192 or  Requires one billable hour from Resware to set up.

Charles Jones, LLC – a Data Trace Company *

Charles Jones, LLC provides due diligence products in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  They also provide flood services nationwide.   Contact sales at (800) 792-8888 or  Requires one billable hour from Resware to set up.

Exacta Surveyors LLC *

Provides survey services using SurveyStars software.  They also provide search services for liens with permitting, no permitting, estoppels, and tax certificates through Resware.  Contact sales at (866) 608-6287 or    Requires one billable hour from Resware to set up.

Provides title searches through AgentNet and optionally has an import with Phrases tool that supports the Clear@Go XML import and automatic AgentNet Search Product (ASP import.  The phrases are designated with a TypeID and data elements, so the user no longer needs to use the import function.   Contact your First American representative to get set up and assigned to a Technical Consultant.


Provided through DataTrace by First American, a property search service called DataTree that, when an order is placed, will return the parcel ID and a brief legal description of the property, the tax area, zoning, land use, and county use information.  In addition, a setting can be enabled which will allow a web user to generate a property profile report without having to go to the public records website directly.  Contact sales at  (866) 377-6639 or

Mortiles LLC *

Mortiles LLC., a Maryland-based information technology corporation, provides diversified solutions to the real estate industry. Property search, tax search, commitment preparation, and more.  Contact sales at  (443) 575-6680.  Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

National Lien Search, LLC

National Lien Search provides tax and municipal lien searches in all 50 states, which customers can seamlessly order within Resware.  This integration is done through a Resware-to-Resware partner setup.   Contact sales at (863) 698-7557, ext.1201 or

New Jersey Search Experts

This is a collaboration of State Capital, Western Technologies Group, and Priority Search Services, providing seamless ordering for New Jersey and corporate search services.  Contact States Capital at (800) 876-8994.

NextAce *

Combining a deep understanding of patterned data extraction (PDE) technology from unstructured documents into a data aggregation and extraction platform that is unparalleled in the title insurance, mortgage, and real estate markets.  NextAce automatically performs a search and returns information directly into search data within Resware.  Contact sales at (714) 953-9300.  Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

Searches output from Old Republic in PTS/PXT can be imported into Resware.  Contact Old Republic agency representative to register for services.

Property Debt Research *

Property Debt Research is the industry’s largest and longest established municipal lien search and estoppel certificate provider.   Pricing is $100 per month.   Contact Sondra Macy at (877) 543-6669 ext. 219.  Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

PropLogix *

PropLogix enables customers to order municipal lien searches, association estoppels, payoff tracking (release tracking), and surveys from within Resware.  Contact sales at (941) 444-7142.  Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

Punctual Abstract Co., Inc. *

Having emerged as one of the largest abstracting firms in the Gulf South Region with a national reach, Punctual Abstract provides the highest quality abstracts typically within 24 to 48 hours.  Punctual Abstract offers a wide variety of products and search services and clients send search requests directly from Resware with results automatically returned to the Resware file.  Contact sales at (800) 588-0046.  Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

SLK Global Solutions *

Providing accurate and timely reports to reduce liability and increase confidence to their customers – title agents, title underwriters, lenders, servicers, attorneys, asset management companies, and government agencies. SLK is a leading provider of products and comprehensive solutions related to real estate information.   Contact sales at (855) 554-6170.   Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

SnapTax provides real estate tax certificates, municipal lien reports with the timing, accuracy, and consistency to make your job easier with less worry and more reward.  The integration with Resware allows SnapTax to push search data directly to your Resware file and the ability to customize the search services needed.  Contact sales at (312) 342-2077 or

String *

String provides the full suite of title processing services and customizes them to meet the requirements of every client using its global technology-delivery framework and trained title search/processing analysts. The integration with Resware allows String to push search data for commitment preparation.  Contact sales at (202) 470-0648 or  Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

TitleIQ by DataTrace *

DataTrace’s Title IQ technology automatically performs a search and returns information directly into Resware. More than a technology partner, they are a partner with the title insurance industry, supporting its automation initiatives with trustworthy state-of-the-art products.  Contact sales at (800) 221-2056.  Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

TitleIQ Enterprise by DataTrace

DataTrace’s Title IQ Enterprise is a robust examination workbench that delivers quality nationwide title data and documents directly into Resware to streamline the title report and commitment production process.  Contact sales at

Title Wave® *

This service gives agents the ability to order, track and receive title search products, create commitments and policies through Resware, transfer data into the files, and monitor order progress.  Contact your Fidelity agency representative for information.  Requires four billable hours from Resware to set up, plus usage fees.

Shipping Services


Shipping labels and tracking information can be obtained directly from within Resware.  Contact a FedEx representative to register for service.   Resware will set up accounts in Resware with company shipping account information and the exact billing address.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Shipping labels and tracking information can be obtained directly from within Resware.  Contact a UPS representative to register for service.

Signing Services and Remote Online Notarization

Certified Signer Nationwide

Along with required training and evaluation, Certified Signer Nationwide’s agents are reviewed by the industry-recognized source for background check verification and certification. Certified Signer Nationwide has advanced security standards that exceed CFPB and general industry compliance requirements.  Contact sales at (602) 875-5300 or

DocuSign *

A service that allows customers to sign documents electronically.  The signing envelope will be sent from Resware to DocuSign where the user will finalize the process and deliver it to the customer to sign.  When the documents have been successfully signed, they are returned to the file in Resware.  Contact sales at    In addition to fees charged by DocuSign, Resware’s fee is $1 per signing envelope and invoices monthly.


This service provides a complete digital real estate closing process for buyers and sellers to sign and notarize closing packages.  Learn more and establish service via Notarize’s website.

Notary Loop *

Notary Loop offers the ability for signing services to integrate with Resware allowing them to receive orders and pass information and status updates seamlessly and securely to their clients. Title agencies and signing services benefit by giving them a direct system-to-system connection, without logging into vendor or third-party websites.  Contact sales at  Requires one billable hour from Resware to set up.


The NotaryGO signing agent database includes certified, reverse mortgage certified, and eClose certified signing agents. Their proprietary software, integrations and mobile app provide real-time communication. Contact sales at (855) 204-1204.

Signature Closers *

Signature Closers provides full- and self-service signing support through Resware, for title companies and lenders.  The SYNC platform provides the most configurable, transparent, and Resware-ready solution.  Contact sales at (614) 448-7750 or  Requires one billable hour from Resware to set up.

Snapdocs *

Push orders directly from Resware to Snapdocs for improved efficiency, error-free notary search. Hybrid signings, e-signings, wet signatures, mobile notaries, and more.   Contact sales at (702) 979-5812.   Requires two billable hours from Resware to set up.

The Closing Exchange *

The Closing Exchange delivers a seamless signing experience for businesses and their customers, bringing together deep knowledge, customer service, and technology.  Contact sales at (888) 228-7705 or  Requires two Resware contract hours to set up.

Underwriter Services

Wire Protection


This service is a real-time identity and wire fraud prevention platform for real estate, mortgage, and title professionals to authenticate transaction parties and securely transfer wiring information.  Every transaction protected by CertifID is guaranteed up to $1,000,000.  CertifID is fully integrated with Resware to provide customers the ability to confirm transaction details and securely share wiring details directly within Resware.  Contact sales at (616) 888-6427 or

Supported banks and features

Updated on September 13, 2022

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