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This demonstrates how to set up the MooveGuru integration. MooveGuru is a full service moving concierge helping consumers connect utilities and get discounts on everything related to moving through title company branded marketing.

Begin here: Contact MooveGuru for further information or to register for services at Inform them that the account will be for a Resware integration.

Next: Complete the steps in this job aid.

Next: Test.

Version History

9.1203/01/2021 Information and screenshots created

Create a Partner

Create a partner to use with this integration. This partner needs to be set to auto-add to files. This can be auto-added based on the action list or auto-added by another partner.


  • Click New.
  • Enter the Company Name as MooveGuru.
  • Enter the partner’s information and set the Partner Type as Other.
  • Click Save.

Create a Partner Employee

Create a partner employee and grant the employee the appropriate website roles.


  • Highlight the partner created and click New in the partner employee area.
  • Enter the First Name as MooveGuru integration services.
  • Enter the Email Address as
  • Set the employee as the Primary Contact.
  • Check Override Username and enter the Username such as MooveGuru.
  • Click Enabled in the Website Access area, which allows the web services to be utilized.
  • Click Generate to populate a Password. This will ensure company-specific password requirements are met. Write down this password to use in the validation step.
  • Uncheck Use 2FA. Two-factor authentication is not applicable with this automated functionality.
  • In the Website Roles area, enable the following roles:
    • Web Services: Get Custom Fields
    • Web Services: Get Documents
    • Web Services: Get Parties
    • Web Services: Get Partners
    • Web Services: Search Files

NOTE: It is recommended as a best practice to only enable the roles specific to the services that are specifically provided.

  • In the Office Access area, check Access for the offices where services will be provided. Optionally, check Default if an office will be the primary office.
  • Click Save.

Password Validation


After a password is set or reset for a partner employee, the employee is required to enter a new password the next time they access the website. To ensure that this integration is set up correctly, log into the company’s Resware website with the username and password created in the prior step and create a new password. Provide this new password to MooveGuru.

NOTE: It may be beneficial to set the expiration date of this password on the partner employee setup out for an extended period. Check with company-specific password security protocols to verify this will be acceptable or have a reminder in place to update this password as needed to ensure this integration’s service will not be interrupted.

NOTE: The username and password for the employee will need to be provided to MooveGuru to enable access to the files.

Adding the Partner to Files

This partner needs to be added to each file using this integration service. It can be manually added to files by a user, auto added by another partner, or automatically by the action list (shown below). 

Admin/Action Lists/Action Lists

  • Select the action list that will automatically add this other partner type.
  • Click Edit.

In the Auto-Add Partner Types On File Creation area: Click Add and select other , then click Add. Click Save.

  • Click Close.

Example on a File


  • The MooveGuru partner has been added to the file. 
  • MooveGuru will have access to the customer’s name, email, phone number, estimated close date, and address.
Updated on April 27, 2022

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