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Non-Sufficient Funds: Returned Runds


This demonstrates the process of marking a previously deposited receipt as returned by the bank and marking it as non-sufficient funds or another custom status as set by an administrator in Resware.

Version Date ID Description
Pre 8.26 Functionality available
9.7.1 12/15/2017 15320 Office option, Use Expanded Non-Sufficient Funds, allows custom statuses to be used when a bank returns receipted funds.

Office Role (v9.7+)

Admin/General Setup/Offices/Settlement

The office option, Use Expanded Non-Sufficient Funds, will allow custom statuses to be assigned when a receipt is returned.

Internal User Role

Admin/Internal Users

The following user roles allow users to use non-sufficient funds or to manage types of statuses.

  • Admin: Accounting: Transaction Type: Returned Statuses: This role allows administration of the custom return statuses.
  • Ledgers: Mark Receipt as Non-Sufficient Funds: This role allows a user to mark a receipt as returned by the bank with a status of non-sufficient funds and additionally, in version 9.7 or higher, a custom status may also be selected.

Custom Status Setup (v9.7+)

Admin/Accounting/Transaction Type Returned Statuses

In addition to the mandatory Non-sufficient Funds status, custom status types can be added, enabled, and disabled by users with the Admin: Accounting: Transaction Type Returned Statuses role. The administrator can also enter a sort order to manage the order in which the statuses appear when used on the Settlement/Postings panel.

  • Click Add and enter a Status name. This status name will appear as an option on the Settlement/Postings panel when processing a returned item.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat to add additional return statuses.
  • Select any Status and click Move Up or Move Down to adjust the order they will appear when selecting a status on Settlement/Postings.

NOTE: Statuses can be disabled and names can be edited with the exception of the mandatory Non-sufficient Funds status.

Example on a File


  • Prior to version 9.7 or with the office option disabled, when a receipt is selected and the Non-suff. Funds button is clicked, a new entry is created showing an adjustment for the returned item:

  • With the office option enabled, the Non-suff. Funds button will change to Returned. The user can select from a list of custom statuses, set up in the previous step, in addition to the default Non-sufficient Funds option. The status selected will appear in the status column when a receipt is Returned.

Updated on March 16, 2022

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