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Overview of important website roles and restrictions

Setting default website roles

Use Admin>Partner-Related>Partner Type Default Website Roles to set default roles that a partner should have based on its partner type(s). As you set up partner employees inside a partner, they inherit the rights you have set for a given partner type.

You can also manually set roles on each employee, but we recommend that you use the Partner Default Website Roles, as then you won’t have to look at each individual employee for every client. You will know what they are allowed to see and do based on the partner type.

There are four major areas where you get to be even more granular with rights.  

Partners viewing other partners 

In Admin>Partner Related>Partner Types, edit each partner type and click the Edit button to the right of Website Visibility. For example, edit the Builder partner type and check off which other partner types the Builder should not be allowed to see on the website.  If they have the View Partners role enabled, then they will only be able to view the partner types that you have not restricted here.  If they do not have the View Partner role, then they won’t be able to view any partners on the website.  

Machine generated alternative text: ⑥ Administer PartnerTypes ⑥ pa n Type Website Restrictions Partne 「 T Partne 「 Fees 酊 e 「 T ー ロ 引 0 Enabled Partne 「 Type Max 0 「 File Locale Restriction Partne 「 Type Builde 「 10016 ロ 4 当 dActio 「 P 酊 e 「 T ) e 1 None 0 に ko 「 col ■ ⅵ 肥 当 d ⅱ t0t00 e 訓 1 None Visibleto Partne 「 Types on Website ⑥ Edit p 当 n ぎ Type Partne 「 Type い 厄 SS ⅱ e | 「 Visibility Restricted い 厄 SS ⅱ e N02 Visibility Restricte ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ 「 ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ ロ 「 4 当 dActio 「 P 酊 e 「 T ) e Builde 「 0 「 File 日 凵 ⅱ de 「 B し 5 ⅲ e55 De リ e | 0 叩 「 t Max Per File: B し / e な 。 「 y Locale R tic 剛 : None Client Clie 「 Client CO Code 005 ⅳ A せ 0 「 「 e 005 ⅳ Comp 当 「 ) ′ | 匚 | 0100 記 lawest Volume Partne 「 005 ⅳ Co 「 ct Do ] 叩 | 旧 Search Resutts f Insurance 005 ⅳ 0 ce ロ Ljcense. 0 「 Commission has api 「 ed Coma 「 0 回 Selle 「 Commitment P 「 ep 酊 引 | 0 「 い 厄 bs ⅱ e Visibility Commitment P 「 ep 酊 引 | 0 「 00 し b | e Blind 団 Alow M 引 1 凵 徹 旧 0 of ] sb 凵 「 記 me 「 Require on File Co 「 do 50 : i 0 「 C 。 「 5 し 1 「 P 。 幵 ロ 。 - 師 0 「 。 肥 ロ Restnct Adding Count;Reco 「 de 「 | こ | Cannot 50 be Clie ロ Restrict Editing 0 tRepo 市 「 C 。 卩 引 団 ロ Defauh Partnemto be 日 i 信 b 唇 Re 鹹 当 Removal from File 10017 ロ Fee Partne 「 1000g ロ 曰 0 覽 S 釘 che 「 5 ロ Disable Action Declining | 匚 | Website Searchable Es 。 「 。 C 。 mp 当 叮 1 1 マ HOA M 当 0e1 「 t E50 「 0 0 ce 「 | こ 下 「 eve 「 産 Website File cce H 凵 0 Selle 「 10012 マ 「 spe ゴ 。 「 曰 0 覽 S 釘 che 「 5 24 マ 「 5 し 「 。 e C 。 mp 当 HOA M en 「 t C 。 mp 当 叮 3 マ Lende 「 H 凵 0 Selle 「 15 マ 凵 「 40e 「 t 「 spe ゴ 。 「 10005 マ M 酊 k 師 「 Rep [ 〕 を ] 匚 戸 〕 〕 ] 匚 〕 唾 コ 偽 し 尾 nce C 。 卩 引 10001 マ 4 マ M 。 戊 0 e B 「 Oke 「 凵 「 40e 「 t 10000 マ 5 None Marketi 「 10Rep [ 〕 を 矼 ] 匚 戸 〕 〕 ] 匚 〕 唾 コ AuditContact (bit, n

Partners viewing documents

In Admin>Documents & Templates>Document Types, dictate  the document types that a given partner type can see. You can also default a document type to be internal (no one can see that document type on the website), or you can allow all partners to see a document type or only specific partner types to see a document type.

Machine generated alternative text: Edit Document Type Document Max on File Document Upload I Ü Ordering Weight Package Barcode Type None Force Read Only on Website Download or when Emailed Force Read Only Read Orly for Partner Types Selected Partner Type Read Orly for Partner8 Selected Partner Partner Type Enabled Defautt to Internal Onb' Default as Approved Snapshot Edted ktachments Defautt Snapshots to Internal Onb' Ü Force a Default Document Name Web Site @Allow upload for Partner Types Nottfy on upload for Partner Types Nottfication Co ordinator Not Set Visible to Partner Types O Partner Type Visible to Buyer/SeIIer/Customem O auyeriSeI I er/Cus ton-er Aways Send as Weblink Default to Public Default to Secured Remove Remove 0 @ Al Remove Remove

Partners viewing actions

In Admin>Action Lists>Global Actions, set which actions a partner type can see by setting the viewing rights on the global action.  Typically only milestone actions would be displayed on the website (e.g. Search Complete, Title Work Complete, Funding Approved, etc.). 

The actions that are more for behind-the-scenes functions probably are not applicable for being displayed on the website (e.g. Call for Payoff, Order Survey, Send Order Thank You to Client, etc.). When editing a global action, the action can be marked Internal Only (which mean no one will be able to view this action on the website) or click the Website Partner Type Restrictions button to select specific partner types that can view this action on the website.

Machine generated alternative text: Edit Global Action Acti on Naræ: Action Display NNæ: Action Description Stating Requires Documents Starting Email Templates Intemal Only Hidden Homepage Action Flag Teams Show on Homepage even f status is Cancelled/Üosed/Fall Thru 'Hold Website Painer Type Resthctions Require user to enter new Commitment *active date Action cant be completed unless all recording information is suppli Website Note Visibility Restrictions Edit Web Visibility Action Can be Mewed by Partner Types Due Date Restrictions System ID: 123 user Can Add to ales in Offices Complete Completing Requires Documents Completing Email Templates O @ Selected aciléer Require Action Note Require Note On Prompt to User Note Templates Display Popup Start Only Alow Selected If acti On File Open if action is started but not completed Selected Tabs Remove

Partners viewing notes

Notes are treated a bit differently. The following office options are applicable:

  • Notes: Default Internal Only – If enabled, all notes created by users will be defaulted to be Internal Only. So notes will not be visible on the website unless a user unchecks the Internal Only checkbox on the note.
  • Misc: Force Incoming Email notes to be marked Internal – If enabled, incoming emails that are attached to Resware automatically will be marked Internal Only.

For notes that users attach via the website, there are also office options that can block the viewing of those or have them only viewable by the partner that added them. 

  • Website: Users Can See Their Own Documents and Notes Even if Marked Internal – If enabled, website users will still be able to view notes that they added via the website, even if that note is marked as Internal Only.
  • Website: All Notes Added Via Web Are Marked As Internal Only – If enabled, all notes added by users on the website will default to being internal only.

For notes that internal users create on a file, the user can mark them as Internal or not.

Machine generated alternative text: @ ResWare File Edit View General Actions Search Accounting Admin Help Notes Documents Shipping Search Data Curative Signings Recording Policy Newlaans Settlement XML Receivables Trust Remittance Recording Fees F Al Hide Ircoming Emails Partner Type O Full Notes Summary Notes Create Nan-e 91 Carrie Anders Adeptive Admin ' 91 Rss Ware Server 15-3249 NoteTypeI O Internal pedite Docs IncomingEmaiIHeaders TruncSubject H LID Change Request LPS 185 Search Unsuccessful Buyer SSN's Not Matched Testing Old Hud NoteType H LID Change Request - H LID Change New File Normal - Buyer SSN NOT found in search Create Date 081820150500 PM 50 AM Open CO 80303 (Boulder) 456 Earnest Money Mount, Boulder,
Updated on January 5, 2022

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