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Pass Through Files: Receipt & Disburse only


This demonstrates how to receipt and disburse funds for files where the company is only getting and disbursing funds and is not providing title work or a closing statement.

Creating the File

New File Wizard

  • Enter the required information on the Property Information panel.
  • Select the Client, Transaction Type, and Product Type.
  • Do not enter a sales price or loan amount.
  • Enter a buyer and seller on the Buyer Information and Seller Information panels, respectively.
  • Click Finish.
  • If any partners are requested as part of the file creation process, select them.
  • The Settlement/Postings tab should be blank when the file gets created. If it’s not, remove any fees from the other Settlement tabs.

Creating the Expected Receipts and Disbursements

Settlement/Trans After Closing

  • Click New.
  • Select Receipt.
  • Click Add.

  • Set the Group to Print.
  • Enter a dollar Amount for the receipt. This is the amount that will be sent to the company to fund the settlement.
  • Select a Partner for the line. This is who will be sending the funds.

  • Click New.
  • Select Disbursement.
  • Click Add.

  • Set the Group to the appropriate group setting.
    • Selecting Print will cause the disbursement to be disbursed by itself.
    • Selecting Group will cause the disbursement to be combined with any other disbursement with the same group setting and partner.
    • Selecting Net will cause the disbursement to be deducted from the corresponding loan, which is not applicable for these types of files.
  • Enter a dollar Amount for the disbursement.
  • Select a Partner for the line. This is who will be receiving the funds.

  • Repeat for each disbursement.
  • When all the disbursements are entered, the total for the disbursements should match the amount on the receipt line. If it doesn’t and the user tries to leave the Trans After Closing tab, a warning message will be displayed.

Receipting and Disbursing the Funds


  • The receipts and disbursements entered on Trans After Closing will be displayed on Postings.

  • Highlight the receipt and click Post.

  • The Received date will default to the current date. If this is not correct, change it.
  • The Amount will default to the expected receipt amount. If this is not correct, change it.
    • If the amount is changed, Resware will create another expected receipt, if the amount is changed to be less, or an expected disbursement, if the amount is changed to be more, to keep the file in the same state of balance as it was before the funds were receipted into the file.
  • Select a Method.
  • Click Save.

  • The funds will show receipted using the specified date and selected receipt method by the user who receipted them into the file.

  • To disburse a single item, highlight it and click Disburse Single.
    • This method is most common with wires, so users are able to enter the wiring instructions. If a partner isn’t set to default to disbursing as a wire using a specified set of wiring instructions, this method is the only way to disburse a wire.

  • Select a Method.
  • If the funds are being disbursed as a check, click Save.
  • If the funds are being disbursed as a wire, enter the wiring instructions and any other pertinent information and click Save.
    • Depending on the office and ledger options set, a supporting document, bank information, and/or beneficiary information may be required.  Fields in bold are required.

  • To disburse all remaining items on the file, click Disburse All.
    • This will disburse all items using the default disbursement method. Unless otherwise specified on the partner, this is a check.

  • The disbursements will all show Pending with their specified disbursement method by the user who disbursed the items.
  • To print the checks, click Print Checks.

  • The Office, Ledger, and File Number will auto-populate to match what’s on the file.
  • Either select the checks that should be issued by using the Ctrl key while clicking on them and clicking Print Selected or print all the checks by clicking Print All.

  • To issue wires, go to Accounting/Review Outgoing Wires and mark the wire as issued. The wire will need to be issued at the bank, first. Please see the outgoing wires article aid for additional information.

  • The file will show all the incoming and outgoing funds.

Updated on January 5, 2022

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