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Proforma policies


This demonstrates how to set up proforma policy templates based on current policy templates in Resware and how to generate a proforma policy on a file.

Create a Template Category

Admin/Documents and Templates/Template Categories

Optionally, create a new template category specific to proforma templates so a user can locate the templates easily.

  • Click Add to open the Add Template Category panel.
  • Enter a Category Name such as Proforma.
  • Optionally, enter a Display Name if a different name should be shown to users, otherwise it will default as the Category Name entered above.
  • In the Use in Offices area, click Add, highlight the selected the Office(s) where the category should be available, then click Add.
  • Click Save.

Create Proforma Templates

Admin/Documents and Templates/Templates

  • Highlight a policy template for which a proforma policy template needs to be created. Click on Edit Document to open the template in Word.
  • In Word, select File, Save As to save the template, renaming the File name to include “proforma.” Be sure to note the file location so the document can be imported into Resware.
  • Close the open policy template.
  • Repeat the above steps for each proforma template needed.
  • Click on Batch Import, then click Browse to locate and select the proforma document(s) created from the steps above. Click Open.
  • In the Import Templates panel, select the Document Type and other options for each template and then click Import.

  • Highlight a proforma template and click Edit Document to add proforma language and make any other changes needed for the proforma policy.
  • Close the word document and click Yes to Update this document on the Server.
  • Highlight the proforma template and click Edit.
  • Click Add in the Contained in Categories area.
  • Highlight the Category (Ctrl-Click for multiples) to which to add to this template and click Add.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Close when all proforma templates have been updated and categories assigned.

Assigning Proforma Templates

Admin/Partners/Edit Underwriter Partner/Underwriter Specific Data/State Based

  • Select a State and Templates Type from the dropdowns. A list of enabled Trans/Products for the state will be shown. Highlight the Trans/Product(s) (Ctrl-Click for multiples) that will use a proforma policy.
  • Click Add to add the Policy Forms that will use a proforma policy or select an existing policy form.
  • In the Templates area, select the Proforma optionthen click Add to open the Select Templates From Which To Create Documents panel.
  • Select Proforma from the Category dropdown to display the available templates, the click Select on the proforma template that should be used.
  • Click Add Selected.

Generating a Proforma Policy


  • Select the sub-tab of the policy for which to generate a proforma policy.
  • In the Current Policy area, click the Proforma checkbox. Note that the Policy Number, Remit Status, Effective date, and Typed date fields are disabled and the Policy Number field is populated with “PROFORMA.”
  • Click on Generate. The proforma template set for the file’s underwriter, state, product, and policy form will be generated.

Updated on January 5, 2022

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