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PropLogix allows customers to order municipal lien searches, association estoppels, payoff tracking (release tracking), and surveys from within Resware. The search is conducted to determine whether there are any unrecorded special assessment liens or unrecorded liens arising by virtue of ordinances, unrecorded agreements as to impact and other developmental fees, unpaid waste fees payable to the county or municipality, unpaid service charges, or amounts due as a result of violations of county ordinances. This search will also aid title agents in removing the standard exception for special assessments, service charges, and waste fees from standard title insurance policies.

Contact: Sales

(941) 444-7142

Time/Cost: Varies


2 hours set up

This demonstrates how to set up and use the PropLogix search integration.

Begin here: Contact PropLogix to register for services at Inform PropLogix the account will be a Resware integration. Account information will be provided, including a username and password.

Next: Complete the following setup instructions. PropLogix will need to have the following items provided to them to complete the integration setup:

  • Resware website URL
  • Employee partner email and password
  • DocumentTypeID’s for the five documents PropLogix returns.

Then: Test.

Version History

Version Date Resolved Mantis Description
8.26 01/25/18 16427 Functionality available in 8.26.


03/19/19 19434 Functionality available in 9.4 with single credential access. An enhancement in 9.7 includes the ability for multiple login credentials. Internal user access can then be mapped to credentials. Credentials are selected on the Search/PropLogix panel.


10/31/19 20181

Updated the XML client/Internal user information. Per PropLogix, each user is assigned their own login credentials. Added the Resware website URL section. Refreshed screenshots and updated general formatting.

Resware Website URL

PropLogix needs the URL that is used to access the company’s Resware website. Edit the office where this integration will be implemented to note the Resware website URL. If this field is blank, then contact to request this information.

Create a PropLogix Partner


  • Click New.
  • Enter a Company Name, such as PropLogix.
  • Enter the partner’s information and set the Partner Type to Searcher or another type as needed.
  • Click Edit Counties and enable the partner for the states and counties where the search integration will be used.
  • Click Save.

NOTE: This new partner must be on a file when ordering services from PropLogix. It can be auto-added by another partner, by the action list, or manually added by a user.

Create a Partner Employee


  • Highlight the partner created above and click New in the partner employee area.

  • Enter the First Name as PropLogix Integration Services.
  • Enter the Email Address as
  • Check Primary Contact, which will set this employee as the primary contact by default when the partner is added to the file.
  • Check Enabled in the Website Access area, which allows the web services to be utilized.
  • Check Override Username and enter the Username as PropLogix.
  • Click Generate to populate a Password. This will ensure company-specific password requirements are met. Write down this password to use in the validation step.
  • Click Save.

Password Validation


After a password is set or reset for a partner employee, the employee is required to enter a new password the next time they access the website. To ensure this integration is set up properly, log into the company’s Resware website with the username and password created in the prior step and create a new password. Provide this new password to PropLogix.

NOTE: It may be beneficial to set the expiration date of this password on the partner employee setup out for an extended period of time. Check with company-specific password security protocols to verify this will be acceptable or have a reminder in place to update this password as needed to ensure this integration’s service will not be interrupted.

NOTE: The Username and Password will need to be provided to PropLogix to ensure the documents are returned on the file’s Documents panel.

Set up the XML Client Information

Admin/General Setup/XML Clients

  • Highlight PropLogix and click Edit.
  • Check Enabled to enable the integration.
  • Enter the Web Service URL as
  • Click Add to enter the credentials provided by PropLogix.
    • Enter a Display Name that will be displayed when selecting this account on the Search panel.
    • Enter the Username provided by PropLogix for each user.
    • Enter the Password provided by PropLogix for each user.
    • In the For Offices area, if this account is for specific offices, check Selected, then click Add to add the office or offices where this account is available. If the account isn’t for specific offices, leave it set to All.
    • In the Partners area, click Selected and then click Add to locate the PropLogix partner that was added above in these instructions.
    • Click Save.
  • Repeat the above steps for each user’s set of credentials provided by PropLogix.

Internal User Access

Admin/Internal User/External Service Accounts

Access to the PropLogix accounts must be assigned at the user level.

  • Select PropLogix in the XML Clients dropdown menu, if not already selected.
  • Click Add, then select the account or accounts as needed.
  • Click Add, then Save.

Enable XML on Products

Admin/Action Lists/Product Types

  • Edit each product on which the PropLogix functionality is needed.
  • Click the XML tab. If PropLogix already exists on the product, skip to the next product type.
    • Click Add and select PropLogix from the dropdown options.
    • Click OK.
  • Click Save, Close.

Create New Document Types

Admin/Documents and Templates/Document Types

PropLogix will return search report documents and invoices based on the services requested. The following is a list of documents that will need to be active document types in Resware or be created using the following steps.

Lien Search
Payoff Tracking
  • Click Add.
  • Enter the Document Type.
  • Optionally, enter the Max on File. This would be the maximum number of documents with this document type allowed on a file.
  • Disable Default to Internal Only to allow National Lien Search see this document type.
  • In the Website area, check Allow upload for Partner Types:
    • Choose Selected, click Edit, and Add the Tax Lien Search partner type to allow only PropLogix to upload this document type to the file.


  • Choose All to allow any partner type to upload this document type to the file.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat the above steps for each of the above document types added.
  • Make note of the DocumentTypeID’s to provide to PropLogix. If this column is not visible, right click in the grid, click Show, then select DocumentTypeID.

Sending Search Requests Automatically

This only needs to be done if ordering searches with PropLogix should be done based on an action being completed. If users are going to manually send orders to PropLogix, skip this step.

NOTE: An order sent via an action will only request a lien search product with a default set of options. If other PropLogix products are needed, a user will need to order manually from the Search Data/PropLogix panel.

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups

  • Highlight the action group that should have the new action and click Edit Actions.
  • Click Add Action.
  • Click New Global Action.
    • Enter an Action Name such as Order Lien Search.
    • Click Save.
  • Select a Coordinator for the start and complete of the action.
  • Other options, such as Auto-start when Added to File, may be utilized, depending on what is needed to make the flow of the action group work for each customer.
  • Click Save.

  • Highlight the action for Order Lien Search that was just added and click Edit Affects.
  • Click Add in the Complete Task Marked Done Affects section.
    • In 5 – Marking Done Sends XML, select the following:
    • XML: PropLogix: PropLogix – Place Order.
    • Send To: Searcher.
    • Click Save.

Examples on a File

Automatic Order Placement

File/Actions Tab

The PropLogix partner must be on the file in order to send search requests. The file must have an Estimated Settlement Date entered on the General panel.

  • Highlight the action being used to send the search request to PropLogix and click either Mark Started or Mark Completed, depending on where the affect was set.
  • A lien search order will be sent to PropLogix with the following options:
    • Property Appraiser
    • Property Taxes
    • Tangible Taxes
    • Open Code Cases
    • Closed Code Cases
    • Open and Expired Permits
    • Closed Permits
    • Utilities
    • Special Assessments

The search document will be returned from PropLogix and added to the Documents tab of the file when complete as one of the five document types PropLogix requires (Invoice, Lien Search, Estoppel, Payoff Trackingor Survey).

Manual Order Placement

File/Search Data/PropLogix

The PropLogix partner must be on the file in order to send search requests.

  • Select an option in the Orderable Products column.
  • Enter a Need by Date.
  • Enter an Estimated Settlement Date.
  • Select the Lien Search options. These options vary based on the type of product selected.
  • Click Search. This will send the request to PropLogix.
  • Click OK on the popup showing the order was placed.

PropLogix will return the ordered product with an accompanying invoice on the Documents panel. Action triggers may be set up based on documents of these types being added to the file.

If an estoppel letter is being ordered, the user will be presented with additional fields; fields in bold are required. The Listing Agent fields will be populated from the Listing Agent partner on the file, if it exists. Title Commitment, Certificate of Title, Contract, or Authorization Form documents can be added from the file or attached from the user’s computer by using the Choose File dropdown menu.

If payoff tracking (release tracking) is being ordered, the user will be presented with additional fields; fields in bold are required. The Seller Name and Buyer Name will be populated from the buyer/seller partners on the file, if they exist.

If a survey is being ordered, the user will be presented with additional fields; fields in bold are required. Survey Type, Survey Purpose, and Elevation Certificate each have dropdown menus available. If either a Survey Certification or Survey Hard Copy Requests are added, additional fields will be required as shown.

XML Messages


XML messages are shown when the order is sent with the PropLogix file number in the Comments column, when the documents are returned from PropLogix for the services ordered, or if there are any issues with processing either request.

Updated on January 10, 2022

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