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Closing Insight is a collaborative platform designed by RealEC, enabling the communication of lender and settlement agent data between the parties for the timely and accurate production of the Integrated Closing Disclosure form as well as electronic ordering and fulfillment of title, closing, and document signing orders. A number of major lenders use Closing Insight to interact with settlement providers. Review this article for initial setup information.


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Resware:Time & materials for set up and testing assistance

$4.00 per file

This demonstrates how to set up RealEC’s Common Workflow integration through Resware.

Begin here: Contact support at to enable RealEC for the office(s) that will be using RealEC and to have the workflow integration pieces added.

NOTE: There is significant time and effort required for setting up the RealEC integration, both for the setup in Resware that administrators will need to do, as well as testing with Black Knight. This article gives administrators an idea regarding what will need to be done in Resware.

There is a cost involved for Resware to assist with the setup and testing, plus a processing fee of $4.00 per file from Resware.

Black Knight also has setup and per-file fees. Please contact for more information.

Once a decision is made to proceed with the integration process, there may be a wait to get started, as it requires scheduling and coordinating resources both from Resware and Black Knight.

This article details setting up the RealEC integration for Common Workflow. Before beginning work, please check with the lender and ask which Implementation Guide they are using. If they are using a non-Common Workflow implementation guide, please contact Resware support at

RealEC: Action Groups This Excel workbook details the action groups that are included for Closing Insight/Common Workflow.

User Guide

User Guide: Common workflow

This user guide demonstrates how to use the integration with RealEC for Common Workflow files.

Version History

VersionDate ResolvedMantisDescription
05/25/1817029Add Loan Type mappings for RealEC implementation guides
03/08/1917474Add Signing Method mappings for RealEC implementation guides
04/26/1919773Remove successfully processed RealEC document content from XMLTransaction
05/31/1919819Add integration logging for RealEC

RealEC Office Options

Admin/General Setup/Offices/XML

These office options can be enabled and disabled as needed.

RealEC: Do Not Send Order Acknowledgement When Product is Not Mapped

  • By default, when a file is created in Resware for a RealEC file, a 130 (Service Confirmed) event is auto-sent to RealEC accepting the order. If enabled, the 130 event will not be sent for a RealEC order whose product was not mapped to a Resware product.

RealEC: Enable Debug

  • Allows access to the Reprocess XML panel for RealEC. This allows for testing.

RealEC: Enable UCD Validation

  • When enabled, RealEC UCD validation will be performed when sending closing events containing a UCD. If validation does not pass, the event will not be sent and a note will be added to the file with the validation failures.

RealEC: Enforce RealEC Partner Trans/Products Mapping Uniqueness When Adding a Mapping

  • Enforces uniqueness between RealEC Loan Purpose and RealEC Product combinations.

RealEC: Partner: Enable Trans/Products Mapping by RealEC Product Code ID

  • Allows Resware transaction/products to be mapped to an incoming RealEC order by using both the RealEC Loan Purpose and the RealEC Product.

RealEC: Put All Order in Unassigned Queue

  • When enabled, all RealEC orders will go to the unassigned queue.

RealEC: Put unknown provider orders in unassigned queue

  • Allows incoming RealEC orders to be placed in the unassigned files queue if the provider is not configured under the Providers tab.

RealEC: Search for Matching Partners

  • A partner search will be performed when receiving a RealEC order to auto-add partners based on customer information sent in RealEC order.

RealEC: Use Only Topmost Chain of Title on 385

  • When enabled, the 385/537 event will include only the topmost chain of title deed by date. When disabled, all chain of title deeds will be included.

Add RealEC Action Groups to Action Lists

Admin/Action Lists/Edit Action Groups

Five new action groups have been added to support the common workflow: (RealEC: General, RealEC: Title Order, RealEC: Closing Order, RealEC: Signing Appointment Order (1 Set), and RealEC: Signing Appointment Order (2 Sets). These action groups can be added to existing action lists or can be used in new action lists. They include actions to facilitate receiving and sending RealEC events and will need to be incorporated into the existing workflow.

  • Add the RealEC General action group to each action list that will be used on RealEC-enabled products by editing each action list and clicking Add Group.
  • Click OK.
  • Edit each action list again.
  • Click Add Group.
  • Select the remaining RealEC action groups and check Add to Action List as Optional.

Add RealEC XML to Products

Admin/Action Lists/Product Types

  • Edit each product type that will be used with RealEC orders.
  • In the XML section, click Add and select the RealEC XML package.

NOTE: RealEC needs to be enabled in Admin/General Setup/XML Clients in order for the RealEC XML package to be available for products.

Set up Optional Action Groups on Client Products

Action group restrictions need to be set up for the RealEC optional action groups. This will allow the optional action groups to be added to files, based on the products received in the RealEC order. This can be set up in client product groups or on individual RealEC clients.

When Using Client Product Groups

  • Edit the client product group(s) that contain RealEC-enabled products.
  • On the Edit Client Product Group panel, highlight the product(s) enabled for RealEC.
  • Do NOT enable or display these optional action groups for any states/counties.
  • In the Action Group Restrictions section at the bottom, click Add.
  • Select the four RealEC optional groups and click OK.

If Setting Products on a Client’s Profile

Admin/Partners/Edit Partner/Client Products

  • In the Edit Client Products panel, highlight the product(s) enabled for RealEC.
  • Do NOT enable or display these optional action groups for any states/counties.
  • In the Action Group Restrictions area at the bottom, click Add.
  • Select the four RealEC optional groups and click OK.

Enable XML Transmission of Notes/Documents for RealEC Clients/Partners

Admin/Partners/Edit/XML Config

Any lenders who will be sending RealEC orders need to be set up as RealEC clients and be enabled for sending XML.

  • Edit the RealEC client.
  • Click XML Config.
  • Check Enable XML Transmission of Notes and Documents and Don’t Also Send Notes and Documents via Email if notes and documents should not be sent by both XML and email.

Add ZIP File Type

Admin/Documents and Templates/File Types

  • Add a new file type for “zip
  • Check the selections for Allow Attachment via Windows Client and File Type is Already Read Only.
  • Click Save.

XML Setup for RealEC

Admin/General Setup/XML Clients/RealEC

  • Edit the RealEC client.

General panel

After registering with RealEC, fill out the information in the RealEC/General panel.

Log All XML Messages: This option, if enabled, will log all incoming and outgoing RealEC messages to the RealECXMLLog table. It is recommended that this option be enabled.

Web Service URL: This is the RealEC Prod URL to which the XML will be posted ( This is the RealEC UAT URL to which the XML will be posted (

Outgoing Username: This is the username RealEC provided.

Outgoing Password: This is the password RealEC provided.

Incoming URL: This is the URL that RealEC will use to send incoming XML. This will need to be provided to RealEC. Before sending this link to RealEC, put this link into a web browser to verify it works. If there are a couple of lines of text saying the username isn’t recognized, the service is working. If there is a whole screen of text, contact Resware support to have the incoming URL configured.

Incoming Username: The username to be provided by the Resware customer to RealEC. The username should have a maximum of 20 characters and exclude the special characters @, /, >, and <. Once this value is set, it needs to be sent to RealEC to be configured in their system.

Incoming Password: The password to be provided by the Resware customer to RealEC. The password should have a maximum of 20 characters and exclude the special characters @, /, >, and <. Once this value is set, it needs to be sent to RealEC to be configured in their system.

Retries: When sending to RealEC, if the initial send fails, this is how many times Resware will try sending again before ending in failure. It is recommended to try sending several times (5) to get around network hiccups or any other temporary issues which may arise. Resware will wait one second between each retry.

Source ID: This is the ID provided by RealEC to indicate the outgoing XML is from Resware.

Created By ID: This is the ID provided by RealEC to identify the provider (your company). This may also be referred to as the Party ID.

Provider Name: This is the value that will appear as the “UserName” in outgoing events.

**The Created By ID is used to determine the ID used in outgoing events. As of version 8.7.40, outgoing events will use the ID from the incoming 100 event used to create the order for all new orders. Existing files will continue to use the Created By ID.

Send Errors To: An email address to receive errors generated while sending server-generated events to RealEC, such as the auto-generated 130 event. Validation errors when sending a UCD will also generate an email to this address.

Remove Logged Doc Content if > (bytes): Setting this threshold to a value greater than zero causes Resware to examine incoming and outgoing RealEC messages and, if the message size is greater than the threshold, remove the document content from logging.

Partners Panel

Any lenders that will use the RealEC integration will need to be added to the RealEC/Partner panel.

  • Add/Edit a partner and fill in all pertinent data.

RealEC IDs: Enter any IDs that will be received in the event’s ClientCode field for this lender. When a new order is delivered, this is what will be used to identify which client to enter on the order. Orders received with any of the IDs listed here will use this partner as the client on the file created. If there is only one client configured for RealEC, this client will always be used, regardless of which ID is received in the XML.

NOTE: Setup can continue without the RealEC ID being entered.

Inherit Settings From: This option allows the below settings to be derived from another RealEC partner that has already been configured. This is useful if many partners exist whose RealEC configuration settings only differ by the RealEC IDs.

NOTE: Settings cannot be inherited from the anonymous client.

Provider Implementation Guide: Select the Provider Implementation Guide (PIG) for this partner.
**For use with the Closing Insight, choose “Common Workflow – Closing Insight.”

Configure Routes: This panel allows configuration of routes for this partner. Routes allow users to change the client ID of an incoming RealEC message or to add a specific partner if the message matches an XPath expression. This process is run at file creation only. Routes can also be used to add a branch office partner based on the ProviderID sent in the 100 event.

Enabled Products: This panel lists the RealEC products that are enabled for this partner. These products are mapped to the Resware transaction type and product in the Trans/Products section. To enable a product for a partner, the product must exist in the master RealEC product list.
**For the Common Workflow — Closing Insight integration, select the products:

  • 3 – Title
  • 29 – Closing
  • 284 – Document Signing – 1 Set
  • 285 – Document Signing – 2 Sets

Tran/Products: Add or remove transaction and product types that can be ordered through the RealEC integration. When an order comes into Resware, the RealEC order’s “first loan’s purpose” will be matched with the either the RealEC Loan Purpose or a combination of the RealEC Loan Purpose and the RealEC Product, depending on what is configured. This match will be used to determine which Resware product should be ordered. Resware will then confirm this transaction and product can be used by the client for the county, state, and other factors that may limit what can be ordered. If this transaction and product cannot be ordered, the next matching RealEC Loan Purpose or RealEC Loan Purpose/RealEC Product combination will be used.

  • To make a Resware transaction/product available, it must be enabled on the client’s product panel.
  • To make a RealEC product available, it must be added to the partner’s enabled products. Only products that are in the master RealEC product list can be enabled for a partner.

Optional Groups: With a transaction/product and a RealEC product selected, optional action groups can be added to a file when the file is ordered through RealEC.
**For the Common Workflow — Closing Insight integration, use the dropdown to select a RealEC product. For each RealEC product, add the appropriate optional action group.

  • Select a Trans/Product for the partner and select a RealEC Product from the drop-down.
  • Click on Add to select the appropriate optional action group to be added when the specified product is received.

It is also recommended that the anonymous client be set up as a RealEC partner. Add “4” as the RealEC ID. This is the partner that will be used to open a RealEC order if the RealEC ID on an incoming event does not match that of any other RealEC partner. Select a PIG to be used on these orders and set up RealEC to Resware Transaction/Product mapping. These are the products that will be used when opening the order in Resware.

Providers Panel

This panel allows the administrator to associate a provider with an office for an incoming RealEC file if there is a match with the ProviderID. If orders from a lender are received for multiple providers, and some should be opened in one Resware office while others should be opened in another Resware office, the orders can be routed to the appropriate office by the ProviderID. It also allows a partner to be auto-added when a RealEC order containing a specific ProviderID is received.

The administrator may select a default office in which to create the file if an order contains an unrecognized ProviderID.

Office: Select the office for which to map ProviderID’s.

Default Office: The office in which to create the file if an order contains an unrecognized ProviderID. If an order with an unrecognized ProviderID should not create a file, enable the office option RealEC: Put unknown provider orders in unassigned queue.

Add: Add a Provider Name for the mapping. A partner that should be added can also be selected by clicking Select Partner to Auto-Add.

Provider ID: The ProviderID to be matched. A ProviderID may not be associated with more than one office.

Provider Name: The provider name to be associated with the ProviderID. This is for display purposes only.

Select Partner to Auto-Add: This allows a partner to be selected that will be added to the file upon creation.

Remove Auto-Add Partner: This allows the selected auto-add partner to be removed.

Auto-Add Partner Name: A read-only field displaying the auto-added partner’s name.

Auto-Add Partner Type: A read-only field displaying the auto-added partner’s type.

Edit: Edit an existing mapping.

Remove: Remove an existing mapping.

Document Types panel

RealEC and Resware document types need to be mapped for both incoming and outgoing documents. Resware comes with all required document types mappings for the Common Workflow – Closing Insight PIG. However, any additional document types will need to be mapped.

NOTE: Document types that will be sent through the RealEC integration should be marked as Force Read-Only to ensure conversion to PDF for inclusion in outgoing events.

  • To map additional incoming document types, click on Add in XML Document Type to Resware Document Type Mappings.
  • Select an incoming XML document type from the drop-down menu and a corresponding Resware document type.

NOTE: if an XML document type has already been mapped, it will no longer appear in the dropdown menu as an option.

  • To map additional outgoing document types, click on Add in Resware Document Type to XML Document Type Mappings.
  • Select an outgoing Resware document type from the drop-down menu and a corresponding XML document type.

NOTE: if a Resware document type has already been mapped, it will no longer appear in the drop-down menu as an option.

Once incoming and outgoing document types have been mapped, email to complete the mapping setup in the PIG Config. Include in the email the additional Resware document types that were mapped, along with the RealEC product(s) and event(s) with which they should be associated.

Below is a listing of events and document types for each RealEC product in the Common Workflow – Closing Insight PIG. Document types with an asterisk (*) are included in the default Common Workflow – Closing Insight document mapping.

Title Product
EventRealEC Document Type
150 – Product Delivered by ProviderTITLECOM*
780 – Final Docs PostedFPOL*
4502 – Schema Validation ReportValidationReport*
Closing Product
EventRealEC Document Type
406 – Closing Statement Delivered by ProviderHUD – HUD1PRE*, HUD1APRE
431 – Closing Instructions Delivered by LenderHUD – CLSINST*
432 – Closing Statement Modifications RequestedCLSTMT*
433 – Closing Statement Modifications CompleteHUD – HUD1PRE*, HUD1APRE
435 – Closing Statement Distributed by Provider (HUD) / Lender (CD)HUD – HUD1*, HUD1A



734 – Provider Disbursed FundsDISBURSELDGR
4502 – Schema Validation ReportValidationReport*

PIG Config Panel

Resware comes with all required mappings for the Common Workflow – Closing Insight PIG. If any additional mappings need to be set up, please contact

Event Config Panel

Event mappings are configurable and can be modified in the Event Config panel.

Contact Mapping

Resware is shipped with default contact mappings.

  • To edit the mapping for an event, select the event and the event mapping and click Edit. The events that send contact information are events 130 (defaults to client) and 410 (defaults to escrow company).

Resware Type: The partner type Resware will use when sending contact information to RealEC. This is used if the Resware Value is not set. The partner type selected needs to be auto-added at file creation to ensure that it exists on a file before the 130 event is sent. Auto-added partners types can be set in Admin/Action Lists/Action Lists.

If the orders for the selected product should send contact information based on a specific partner type on the file, set the Resware Type to the partner type whose information should be sent.

Resware Value: The partner Resware will use when sending contact information to RealEC. Setting this value will always send the selected partner’s contact information for the selected event. If a Resware Value is set, the partner must have a default primary employee set.

If the orders for the selected product should always send the same contact information, set the Resware Value to the partner whose information should be sent.

RealEC Product: The RealEC product for which this mapping is used.

When sending contact information, Resware first looks at the file’s primary contact for the mapped partner type. If the primary contact does not exist, the partner’s default primary contact information will be used. If a Resware Value is set, the partner must have a default primary employee set.

File Primary Contact:

Partner Default Primary Contact:

Vesting Mapping

If the Buyer/Seller: Input Vesting office option is enabled, Resware will use vesting information from RealEC to set the buyer/seller vesting. If the office option is disabled, the vesting information is saved to the file but not displayed.

Resware is shipped with default vesting mappings; if additional vestings have been added to Resware, additional mappings will need to be created.

  • To edit or add mapping for an event, select the event and the event mapping and click Edit. The event that receives vesting information is 100.

Resware Type: For vesting mappings, this field has been repurposed to contain the RealEC gender value. Values should be MALE, FEMALE, or MALE:FEMALE. When the value has a colon in it (MALE:FEMALE), the value will be mapped to all buyers that do not match either of those values (e.g. If the gender is unknown, it will use that mapping).

Resware Value: These are the Resware vesting values available. If additional Resware vestings are being mapped, this drop-down will include all vesting options available in Resware.

RealEC Type: This is the RealEC party type (e.g. BORR, COAPP, etc).

RealEC Value: These are the RealEC marital status values available (e.g. MARR, SGL, DIVC, WIDO, DOMESTICPARTNERCIVILUNION, etc).

NOTE: When buyer records are received in a 100 event and there is more than one buyer listed, if the marital status for both buyers is set to MARR or DOMESTICPARTNERCIVILUNION and the RealEC Type for one is BORR and for the other is COAPP, the buyers will be added in Resware in a single buyer record. In all other cases, the buyers will be added in Resware under multiple buyer records.

Loan Type Mappings Panel

The Loan Type Mappings panel allows the admin to map RealEC loan types to Resware loan types for each PIG. To add loan type mappings, click on the Add button and select the RealEC loan type and Resware loan type.

RealEC Loan Type: The loan type found in the 100 event for each loan.

Resware Loan Type: The New Loans loan type to which the RealEC loan type should be mapped.

Signing Methods Panel

The Signing Methods panel allows the admin to enable/disable signing methods that can be sent and received for RealEC signing events. The RealEC signing method can be found in the Signings tab in a file. To enable or disable a signing method, check the box in the Enabled column.

Cleanup Documents Panel

This panel allows the admin to remove XML document content from RealEC events that have been successfully processed.

Begin Date: Specify the earliest transaction date of events to examine.

End Date: Specify the most recent transaction date of events to examine.

Preview Only: Checking this option allows the admin to preview how many transactions will be modified and how much savings would be incurred without modifying the database.

  • Enter begin and end dates and click on the Process button to remove XML document content.

Edit the Closing Insight Action Groups

On each RealEC action group there is a set of actions for receiving/sending RealEC events. Some actions will need to be set up by the admin to add/affect actions in the action groups, as noted in the included Excel workbook. Note that all actions in these groups need to be edited to add a Responsible Party (coordinator or partner type).

Since the Closing Insight action groups are a part of an integration, certain aspects of global actions, email templates, and action groups are not editable.

Action Group

  • Action groups cannot be edited or deleted

Actions in a Group

  • Integration global actions cannot be added or deleted
  • Action dependencies cannot be deleted
  • Action affects cannot be edited or deleted
  • Action triggers cannot be edited or deleted

Global Actions

  • Global actions cannot be deleted
  • Action name cannot be edited
  • Email templates cannot be removed
  • Document types cannot be removed

Action Email Templates

  • Email templates cannot be deleted
  • Name cannot be edited
  • Send to cannot be edited
  • Attachment selections cannot be edited
  • Partner restrictions cannot be edited
  • Document generation cannot be edited

MISMO Settlement Types

Admin/General Setup/Settlement Type Defaults

To accommodate the UCD import/export with RealEC, settlement types for all MISMO types have been added for all settlement lines shipped with Resware. These mapped settlement types can be added as disabled so that only the new settlement types that will be used will be displayed for users in files.

  • To add the property to any additional settlement types added, Edit the settlement type and click on the Property panel.
  • Click Add.
  • Select MISMOMapping and the appropriate property from the Default dropdown.

Enable Integration Logging for RealEC

Admin/General Setup/Integration Logging

  • Check the checkbox in the Log Enabled column for RealEC. If logs are needed for trouble-shooting, individual or all logs for RealEC can be sent to Resware support for review.
  • Integration logging cannot be enabled until the RealEC XML client is enabled. Once all setup is complete, enable the RealEC XML client and integration logging for RealEC.


When we receive an order from RealEC, my file doesn’t have a transaction/product type assigned. Why is there no product assigned?

Look at the XML for the incoming 100 order placement event for the loan purpose and the RealEC product type. Make sure the loan purpose/product combination is mapped to a Resware Transaction/Product Type in Admin/General Setup/XML Clients/RealEC/Partners for the lender partner.

When I send an event to RealEC, how do I know which product it is for?

When you send an event for an order with multiple RealEC products, if the event is applicable for more than one product, you will be asked which product the event should be sent for. This question will be presented to you if you are sending the event manually through the XML tab or through an action affect in the Windows client. Events sent through automation using action affects without user interaction will randomly select a RealEC product for which to send the event.

I am trying to associate a Resware file with a new RealEC order, but I get the error, “Unable to connect to the remote server.”

You will receive this error when the client can’t connect to the server. Resware is trying to reprocess the event; you will likely see this same error if you attempt to reprocess the event in the RealEC XML client Reprocess tab. Go to Admin/General Setup/XML Clients/RealEC to the Reprocess tab. There is a URL displayed that the client needs to be able to access. Copy the URL to a browser on the client, and make sure it is accessible. If necessary, have your IT department make it accessible.

What is causing my files to end up in the Unassigned Files queue?

There are three reasons your files can end up in the Unassigned Files queue:

  • The office option RealEC: Put All Orders In Unassigned Queue is enabled.
  • The office option RealEC: Put unknown provider orders in unassigned queue is enabled, and the incoming Provider ID is not set up for the RealEC XML client.
  • The incoming order’s TitleOrderedOutsideRealECIndicator is set to “yes.” When this indicator is “yes” and the order is placed in the Unassigned Files queue, the RealEC order can be associated with an existing Resware file, if one exists, or a new file can be created.
Updated on April 27, 2022

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