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Remittance Reporting


This demonstrates how to export and manipulate a remittance report that will be used to report issued policies, endorsements, CPL’s, and other reportable fees to underwriters.

Accounting/Remittance/Remittance Export 

  • To export a remittance report, select an Underwriter, and select parameters for the export.
  • If a state is not selected, the report will default to pulling all states with unremitted policies for the selected underwriter.
  • Preview the report to verify the files that will be on the report and make sure the export format is correct. 

  • Additional information can be displayed on the remittance report by right-clicking in the Preview Export grid, selecting Show and selecting the additional columns that should be displayed.
  • To reorder the columns, right-click in the grid, unlock the headers, highlight the column, and drag it to where it should be.  When the report is formatted correctly, right-click in the grid and lock the headers.

  • To create the remittance report and mark the files as Remitted.
  • Click Create Export and save the file that’s generated.

  • If a generated report needs to be regenerated or undone, enter the Batch Number and choose either Undo Batch or Regenerate.

Updated on April 28, 2022

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