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A leader in secure and certified electronic communications, RPost’s RMail application integration with Resware provides a seamless experience for email tracking, encryptions, and proof of delivery meeting compliance requirements.

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This demonstrates how to set up and use the RMail integration.

Begin here: Contact RMail for further information or to register for services at Inform RMail that the account will be for a Resware integration. They will provide information needed to complete the setup.

Next: Complete the following steps to implement this integration. Verify that the current Resware setup includes the ability to send emails and capture inbound emails, such as ResMail. If not, contact to assist with setup prior to enabling this integration.

Then: Test.

Version History

9.4.1 07/31/2017 14618Integration built
05/24/2022Updated website link

Enable Office Options

Admin/General Setup/Offices/Email/Fax

  • Check the box(es) to enable options as needed:
    • RMail: Enable RMail – Required to enable this integration
    • RMail: Default Track & Prove – Defaults the Track & Prove option to be selected on the email SendInformation panel.
    • RMail: Mark as Registered – Emails are sent with RMail markings and banner.
    • RMail: Default Encrypt – Defaults Encrypt option to be selected on the email Send panel when RMail: Track & Prove and RMail: Mark as Registered are also enabled.  
    • RMail: Attach Receipt Documents – Attaches incoming RMail status emails to the file with Email Receipt as the document type.
  • Exit Resware and log back in to activate the office options.

File Type Setup

Admin/Documents and Templates/File Types

The htm. file type is required if the Attach Receipt Documents office option is enabled.

  • Click Add if this file type is not currently available.
  • Enter htm. as the Extension. Do not include a period prior to htm.
  • Click Save.

RMail Services

  • Track & Prove will return timestamped proof of delivery of the email sent along with all attached documents. An email sent with Track & Prove enabled will send an acknowledgment email to the sender indicating the email has been received by the remote server and if it has been read. This acknowledgment email is added in the Note/Send Log on the original email sent to the recipient. This feature can be defaulted by enabling the RMail: Default Track & Prove office option and can be enabled/disabled on an email as needed.
  • When the Mark as Registered office option is enabled and Track & Prove is enabled on the email, the email will be sent with “Registered” appended to the subject line and an RMail banner alerting the recipient that the email is being tracked.
  • The registered receipt emails, open tracking receipts, and reports are returned to the sender’s inbox and are added as entries in the Note/Send Log of the original email in Resware. If the Attach Receipt Documents office option is enabled, the documents will also be saved on the File/Document panel as the document type of Email Receipt.
  • Encrypt will transmit the email to the recipient in an encrypted format with no need to create or log into an account. If for some reason the RMail system cannot create a secure connection to the recipient system, the RMail system reverts to a secondary method by encapsulating the message and attachments inside an AES 256-bit PDF file and sending separately the decryption password. This feature can be defaulted by enabling the RMail: Default Encrypt office option and can be enabled/disabled on an email as needed.

NOTE: To enable Encrypt, Track & Prove must also be enabled along with the Mark as Registered office option enabled.

Setting Options on Email Templates

Admin/Action Lists/Email Templates

On an email template, an admin can set default RMail options. Encrypt can only be defaulted if Track & Prove is enabled and the Mark as Registered office option is enabled.

Setting Options on an Email


On the Send Information panel of a note, a user can select the RMail options as needed.

Sample Emails and Receipts

If Track & Prove is enabled, the sending user will receive acknowledgment and receipt emails that will also be logged in the Note/Send Log. In addition:

  • If the Attach Receipt Documents office option is enabled, then the HTM attachment on the Registered Receipt will save to the Documents panel on the file.
  • If the Mark as Registered office option is enabled, the recipient will see the email is being tracked.
  • If Encrypt is enabled, the email will be sent securely and give the recipient a link to send a secure reply.

Emails Received by the Recipient

Notes Panel

Documents Panel

NOTE: An additional receipt called an Open Receipt may also be received if the recipient opens the email more than two and a half hours after it is initially delivered. The two ways RMail can detect an opened email is by the recipient’s mail user agent such as Outlook, or if the RMail web call-out was used. This second receipt will also be attached in the note’s Send Log and File/Documents panel.

Updated on November 15, 2022

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