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As of 1/1/2022 this partner is no longer in business and the integration is no longer available.


SafeWire provides a combination of identity verification, bank authentication, and a secure collection of important documentation to reduce the threat of wire fraud and keep customer’s funds safe. SafeWire guarantees each wire transfer up to one million dollars.

(614) 362-8058

This demonstrates how to set up and use this integration.

Begin here: Contact SafeWire for further information or to register for services at, email, or call at (614) 362-8058. Inform SafeWire that the account will be for a Resware integration.

Next: Complete the following set up steps. SafeWire will need the employee partner(s) username and password and the Resware website URL along with the DocumentTypeIDs created in this article.

Then: Test.

Resware Website URL

Admin/General Setup/Offices

SafeWire needs the URL that is used to access the company’s Resware website. Edit the office where this integration will be implemented to note the Resware website URL.  If this field is blank, then contact to request this information.

Create New SafeWire Partner

This partner must be added to any file where this integration is used. This can be done manually, by a user who adds the partner to each file where SafeWire will be used, or optimally, by auto-adding this partner during file creation either from another partner or setting the partner type to auto-add on the action list.

For further information on auto-adding, see the additional job aids available on the user group website.


  • Click New.
  • Enter the partner’s information and set the Partner Type to Wire Instructions Protection (or any other partner type that makes sense).
  • Click Save.

NoteThis partner will need to be added to each file on which wire instruction verification is needed.

Create New Partner Employee


  • Highlight the partner created above and click New in the partner employee area.
  • Enter a First Name.
  • Enter an Email Address.
  • Check Primary Contact, which will default this employee to the primary contact when the partner is added to the file.
  • Check Enabled in the Website Access area, which allows the web services to be utilized.
  • Check Override Username and enter the Username as SafeWire.
  • Click Generate to populate a Password. This will ensure company-specific password requirements are met. Write down this password to use in the validation step.
  • Enable the following roles in the Website Roles area:
    • Edit Buyer/Seller
    • View Sellers
    • Web Services: Add Actions
    • Web Services: Add Documents
    • Web Services: Add Notes:
    • Web Services: Get Actions
    • Web Services: Get Documents
    • Web Services: Get Notes
    • Web Services: Get Parties
    • Web Services: Get Partners
    • Web Services: Search Files.
  • In the Office Access area, verify Access is enabled for the office where this integration will be used.
  • Click Save.

Note: If this integration will be used in multiple offices, then create one separate employee partner with specific access set in the Office Access area to one office only, with a unique username and password. Repeat for each office using the integration. Provide each employee’s username and password to SafeWire.

Password Validation

Website after a password is set or reset for a partner employee, the employee is required to enter a new password the next time they access the website. To ensure this integration is set up properly, log into the company’s Resware website with the username and password created in the prior step and create a new password. Provide this new password to SafeWire.

The username and password will need to be provided to SafeWire to ensure the documents are returned on the file’s Documents panel.

Note: It may be beneficial to set the expiration date of this password on the partner employee setup out for an extended period of time. Check with company-specific password security protocols to verify this will be acceptable or have a reminder in place to update this password as needed to ensure this integration’s service will not be interrupted.

Create New Document Types

Admin/Documents and Templates/Document Types

SafeWire will utilize the following document types: SafeWire RequestSafeWire Request BuyerSafeWire Request Seller, SafeWire Result Buyer, and SafeWire Result Seller.

These new document types need to be added to Resware.

  • Click Add.
    • Enter the Document Type as SafeWire Request.
    • Disable Default to Internal Only to allow SafeWire to see this document type.
    • In the Website area, check Allow upload for Partner Types, choose Selected, click Edit, and Add the Wire Instructions Protection partner type to allow SafeWire to upload this document type to the file.
    • In the Visible to Partner Types area, choose Selected, click Add and select the Wire Instructions Protection partner type to allow SafeWire to see this document type on the file.
    • In the Visible to Buyer/Seller/Customers area, choose Selected only. This will prevent this document type from being visible to buyers, sellers, and customers.
    • Click Save.
  • Repeat the above steps for each of the above document types.
  • Make note of the DocumentTypeIDs to provide to SafeWire. If this column is not visible, right click in the grid, click Show, then select DocumentTypeID.

Note: DocumentTypeIDs will need to be provided to SafeWire.

File Type Setting

Admin/Documents and Templates/File Types

SafeWire initially adds the Request document type to the file immediately after file creation and a user will then open this document to enter and save the wire amount once it is known. There are two options for managing this document. The first option requires a file-type setting in Resware to allow editing attachments. If this is enabled, then all documents attached in files that are .docx file types would be editable in Resware. If this option is not desired, skip this section and follow the alternate instructions provided below which show steps to open and save the document to the desktop prior to entering the wire amount.

  • Select docx and click Edit.
  • Click Allow Editing Attachments.
  • Click Save.

Create an Action

The following steps will create an action that needs to be added to the workflow allowing SafeWire to retrieve information and return the SafeWire Request and SafeWire Results documents to the file. In this example, the action is being added as a hidden action since it will only be used by SafeWire; the action needs to be started and not completed, and no action is needed by users.

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups

  • Highlight the action group that will contain the action used for SafeWire.
  • Click Edit.
  • Click Add Action.
  • Click New Global Action.
    • Enter the Action Name as SafeWire – Wire Fraud Protection.
    • Optionally, check Hidden to prevent users from accidentally completing the action.
    • Click Add in the Completing Requires Documents area.
      • Select the SafeWire Result document type created in the above step and click Add.
  • In the Notes/Require Action Note area, select the Complete checkbox for Require Note on.
    • Optionally, enter a note in the Prompt to User that will be included in the pop-up when the user attempts to complete this action.

Note: This action is meant to remain started and not completed to allow SafeWire to continue the integration process. Adding a note to the pop-up could warn the user to not complete the action as in the example below.

  • In the Note Template area, click New and enter the Subject as SafeWire Results Notes, then click Save.
  • In the Start Task area, select the Partner type from the drop-down menu as the Wire Instructions Protectionpartner.
    • Optionally, select a different Responsible Party in the Complete Task area.

Note: Using the Wire Instructions Protection partner on the Complete Task is recommended so a user does not accidentally complete this action.

  • Select Auto-start when Added to File.
  • Click on Selected in the Partner Specific area, then click Add to search for the SafeWire partner. This will add and start this action only when the selected partner is on the file.
  • Click Save.

Admin/Action Lists/Global Actions

By default, actions are not visible to partners on the website or the API services. To allow SafeWire access to the action created above, this setting must be changed.

  • Edit the SafeWire – Wire Fraud Protection action created in the above steps.
  • Click on Website Partner Type Restrictions.
    • Click Add and select the Wire Instructions Protection partner type, then click Add.
    • Click SaveSave.

Integration Process

It is important that buyers’ and sellers’ phone numbers and email addresses are entered during file creation to ensure the integration’s automated process sends the initial emails. Updated emails and phone numbers for a buyer or seller will be validated only until the buyer or seller completes the verification process. Once this process is completed, SafeWire will only update information and send out new invitations for new buyers or sellers added to a fil

When the partner is added to the file, the action added in this job aid will be added to the workflow and auto-started. SafeWire will access the Resware database on a regular basis and pull buyer and seller contact information on all new orders. Within minutes of the order being added into Resware, SafeWire will add a SafeWire Request document and a SafeWire Results document on the File/Documents panel showing this request of information was successful.

At the same time, SafeWire sends the buyers and sellers invitation emails which includes the verification process and the information that will be needed to facilitate sending or receiving funds by wire. The email walks the buyers and sellers through each step of the verification process. The email will instruct the buyer or seller to contact the title company if they want to complete the verification process using a different phone number or email address than what is currently in Resware.

As the buyers and/or sellers work through the verification process, update notes will be added to the file in Resware. The notes will be associated with a Review Note action on the File/Actions panel as shown here:

  • The note detail can be viewed on the File/Notes panel by selecting Full Notes or clicking View Note to open the selected note.

Once the buyer or seller has completed the verification process two Search Results documents will be added to the File/Documents panel, an order and the secure wire instructions.

Wire Amount Notification


This alternate method to notify SafeWire when the wire amount is known is used when the file type setting method is not chosen.

  • Open the Search Results document that was uploaded by SafeWire.
  • Save this to the desktop.
  • Open the document from the desktop and enter the wire amount and save.
  • Drag and drop the document to Resware to save to the file.
  • Select the Document Type from the drop-down menu as SafeWire Request and enter a description with something like “With wire amount.”

The new Search Request will save as a _2 as shown below:

The buyer or seller will receive an email notification to login to a secure site to retrieve the updated wire instructions.

Contact SafeWire directly with necessary changes to wiring instructions within one hour of the closing time as they will not be updated through the integration.

When a SafeWire invite has been sent on a file, the buyer/seller will still get reminders to complete. After 90 days, a file with no activity is considered closed.

Updated on April 12, 2022

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