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Settlement Fee Splits


This demonstrates how to set up and split a portion of a fee to pay another partner on the file. This is common in co-insurance situations or in states like Illinois where the attorney gets a portion of the premium.

Creating a Split

  • Click Add.
  • Enter a Name for the split.
  • Click Save.

Enabling the Split on a Partner


  • Search for the partner that should be able to utilize the split and click Edit.
  • Go to the Vendor Management tab and click on Settlement Fees.
  • Make sure the Partner Type selection matches the partner type that will be on the file when the split will be utilized.
  • Select Partner Specific fees.
  • Select a Product.
    • If the split should only be available on a specific product or set of products, select those. If it can be available on all products, leave the selection as Default.
  • Select a State.
    • If the split should only be available in a specific state, select it. If it can be available in all states, leave the selection as Default.
  • Highlight the fee from which the split should be made.
  • Click Edit.

  • Click Add in the Splits area.

  • Select the split created above in the Services Provided dropdown menu.
  • Select a Calculation type.
    • If the split will vary on a file-by-file basis and will not be a standard amount or percentage, enter $0.00 as the amount. This will allow the split to be saved and added to the file; the amount can be entered when the split is added to the file.
  • Select a Based On setting. This will be used in conjunction with the calculation setting to calculate the split.
    • If the split varies, leave this set to Premium.
  • If the split amount should be displayed on the settlement statement, select Disclose on Statement.
  • Set the split to Enabled.
  • If the split should be added to the file automatically when this partner is added to the file, click Auto-Add. If it should not be automatically added, do not check this option.
    • If the option is not checked, users will have to manually add the split to the file.  This is most common in cases where co-insurance happens with an underwriter and the underwriter is frequently on files, but not always providing co-insurance.
  • Click Save.

  • Repeat for any other lines that should have this split available.

Example on a File


  • Ensure that the partner with the splits available is on the file. If it’s not, add it using the Add Partner button.

Settlement/Title Charges tab

  • Highlight a line where the split created above is enabled.
    • If the split is set to auto-add, it should be on the file when the file is created and no further action necessary.
  • Click Add in the Splits area.

  • Select the Partner who should be the recipient of the split.
  • If the selected partner only has one split enabled, the Service Provided dropdown will auto-populate. Otherwise, select the service.
  • Enter either a Flat Fee or a Percentage. This is the amount that the partner will be paid out of this settlement type.
    • If a percentage is entered, it will calculate based on the premium unless the Based On calculation was changed during the set up process.
  • Click Save.

  • The newly added split will show as part of the settlement line.

  • Repeat for any other settlement fees that need splits added.
Updated on May 2, 2022

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