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Middleware that connects a customer using Resware to their REALTORS® using one of the many real estate transaction management products. They also have an interface for additional collaboration features, including executing documents via DocuSign.



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DemosEasy orders to Resware 9/11/2018
Resware-ShortTrack webinar 4/07/2020 with Q&A

This demonstrates how to set up and use the integration.

Begin here: Contact ShortTrack for further information or to register for services at (773)313-3187. Inform them that the account will be for a Resware integration. They will provide a demo and the information needed to complete the setup.

Next: Complete the following set up steps. ShortTrack will need to be provided with the Resware web URL, the DocumentTypeIDs for each document they provide to the file, along with the partner’s SystemID, employee ID, username and password of the partner employee created.

Then: Test

Version History


Pre 8.26



Information and screenshots created in version 9.1

Create a ShortTrack Partner


  • Click New.
  • Enter a Company Name, such as ShortTrack.
  • Enter the partner’s information and set the Partner Type to Client and Other.
  • Note the System ID and provide to ShortTrack.
  • Click Save.

Create a Partner Employee


  • Highlight the partner created above and click New in the partner employee area.
  • Enter a First Name.
  • Enter an Email Address.
  • Check Primary Contact, which will default this employee to the primary contact when the partner is added to the file.
  • Check Enabled in the Website Access area which allows the web/API services to be utilized.
  • Enable the following Website Roles:
    • View Buyers
    • View Sellers
    • Web Services: Add Documents
    • Web Services: Add Notes
    • Web Services: Get Documents
    • Web Services: Get Partners
    • Web Services: Order Placement
    • Web Services: Search Files
  • Click Generate to populate a Password. This will ensure company-specific password validation rules are met. Write down this password to use in the validation step.
  • Note the ID and provide to ShortTrack.
  • Click Save.

Password Validation


After a password is set or reset for a partner employee, the employee is required to enter a new password the next time they access the website. To ensure this integration is set up properly, log into the company’s ResWare website with the username and password created in the prior step and create a new password. Provide this new password to ShortTrack.

Note: It may be beneficial to set the expiration date of this password out for an extended period of time on the partner employee setup. Check with company-specific password security protocols to verify this will be acceptable or have a reminder in place to update this password as needed to ensure this integration’s service will not be interrupted.

NOTE: Provide the Username and Password to ShortTrack.

Resware DocumentTypeID Report

ShortTrack needs IDs to send documents to files. The following steps will generate reports to easily provide this information.

Admin/Document and Templates/Document Types

  • Verify the DocumentTypeID column is visible. If not, right click in the grid, select Show Column, and add DocumentTypeID.
  • Right click in the grid and select View as Report.
  • Once the report opens, click Export in the Report Viewer taskbar.
  • Select Excel, then Data dump to generate an Excel spreadsheet that can be customized to return only documents directly related to integration needs and allow ShortTrack to import the report.

NOTE: For ShortTrack to fetch documents, the document types must not be marked Internal or Secured.

Receiving a New Order

Through this integration, a realtor can create a new order from within their own software such as dotLoop, Docusign Transactions Rooms, or zipForms. The new order will be created in Resware using the default transaction and product type set with ShortTrack. Once the file is created in Resware, a user could modify the file if a different transaction/product type is needed. There is also an option to receive an order notification which will direct a user to log into ShortTrack’s portal to accept a pending order or choose to enter the data manually in Resware. The user would also have an option to link an existing Resware order to a pending order in ShortTrack. Discuss new order options with ShortTrack directly. An external trigger, File Created, may be added to the action workflow when orders are received. For further information on adding to the action workflow, see the additional articles available on the customer portal.


Updated on April 15, 2022

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