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Speed Codes


Demonstrates how speed codes can be added in Resware that are automatically replaced with more verbose text, which may include merge fields and/or conditional fields. For example, a speed code mtg might be replaced with mortgage. This is beneficial to save time when typing commonly used language or repetitive information in Resware.

Internal User Role

The following internal user role must be enabled to allow a user to add, edit, and delete speed codes. Admin/Internal Users

Admin: Speed Codes

Adding/Editing a Speed Code

Admin/Search Data/Speed Codes

  • Click Add to add a new speed code.


  • Click Edit to edit an existing speed code.


  • Enter a Code. This is the text that will be typed and replaced. For example, ATIMA.
  • Enter the Text. This is the text that will replace the code. For example, as their interest may appear.

NOTE: Merge fields, custom fields, and conditional fields may be inserted in the Text area to populate information from other areas in Resware.

  • Click Save.

Deleting a Speed Code

Admin/Search Data/Speed Codes

  • Select the speed code and click Delete. The speed code will be immediately deleted whether or not it has been used previously in Resware.

Using a Speed Code

When the cursor is in a text field, enter a speed code and then a space. Resware will compare the entered text against the valid speed codes and, if a match is found, the speed code’s text will replace the code entered.

In the following example, a user enters Ficus Bank, atima in the Proposed Insured field. When the user enters a space after the speed code, Resware finds a match and replaces the code with the text to display Ficus Bank, as their interests may appear.

Locations in Which to Use Speed Codes

Speed codes can be used in text fields throughout Resware and will populate their associated text. The following panels are examples in Resware where text fields currently accept speed codes.

NOTE: A warning will appear if the speed code language exceeds any field’s character limitation.

General/Buyer or General/Seller

  • Name or FirstMiddle, and Last
  • Signature Line
  • Additional Vesting
  • Interest 


  • Short Legal 
  • Assessor’s Vesting


  • All text fields when adding or editing a recording document 

Admin/Action Lists/Email Template

  • Template Name 
  • Email Subject 
  • Email Body 


  • Subject 
  • Body 

Notes/Reply or Reply to All

  • Subject 
  • Note 

Search Data

  • Proposed Insured 
  • Vesting
  • Legal
  • Leasehold
  • Mortgagees
  • Text fields when entering or editing a lien, requirement, easement, or restriction.

  • Text fields when entering or editing a chain of title item


  • Special Instructions


  • Insured
  • Vesting
  • Mortgagor
  • Borrower
  • Legal
  • Text fields when editing Exceptions, Liens & Requirements, Exceptions, Easements & Restrictions, or Schedule A, from Recording.

Updated on January 5, 2022

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