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Subdivision Adds a Subdivision Partner


This demonstrates having a subdivision add a subdivision partner that will auto-add specific seller’s fees for the builder at file creation.

Setup a Subdivision Partner Type

  • Click Add and enter Subdivision as a new partner type.

Create a Partner for Each Subdivision


Create a new partner for each subdivision and add the Subdivision Partner Type.

  • Click Add.
  • Enter the name of a subdivision as the Company Name.
  • Click Add in the Partner Type area and select Subdivision.

  • Click on HUD Fees (Settlement Fees)and select Partner Specific.
  • Click Edit to add fees specific to the subdivision.
  • Click Save.

Auto-Add partner Based on Subdivision

This section shows how to add partners to the subdivision that will auto-add when the subdivision is added to a file.

Admin/Search Data/Subdivisions

  • Click Add in the Auto-add Partners area and select the partner created in the step above. When this subdivision is added to the file, the partner(s) specified in Auto-Add Partners will also be added.

Updated on January 5, 2022

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