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Team Assignment Based on Partner


The initial assignments of teams on a file are based on the defaults set up in the action list and coordinator type administration screens. Coordinators and teams are added automatically through the file’s action list when a file is created. To auto-assign a specific team or an individual internal user based on the client (or any partner), the admin can set the desired team or individual internal user on the partner’s profile. This is useful when a team or a specific internal user works with a specific partner. This is also useful in a situation such as adding and/or changing the closing branch partner which would auto-change the teams assigned to the file.

Assign the Team or Individual Internal User to the Partner


  • Select the client for which the specific team or individual user should be populated at order entry and click on Edit.

  • Click on Override Coordinators.

  • Click in the grid in the Default Assignment column to see a dropdown of teams and users.
  • Set the desired team or individual internal user and click Save.


Test by creating a new file using the partner edited above.

The specific team or internal user will be auto-assigned to all actions associated with that coordinator type; the team or internal user will appear in the Start Assigned and/or Complete Assigned columns on the Actions tab.

Updated on May 5, 2022

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