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Teams, Team Groups, and Coordinators


This demonstrates how to identify the purpose and differences of teams, team groups, and coordinators.

  • Individual internal employees are assigned to a team.
  • A team is assigned to a team group.
  • A team group is assigned to the coordinator.
  • The coordinator is assigned as being responsible for the action based on the setting in Admin/Action List/Action Group.

Set up a Team

Add Users to the Team

Create Team Groups and Add Teams to the Groups

Create Coordinator Types and Add the Team Groups

Coordinators can be Added to an Action in an Action Group


What controls what teams are available for assignment on a new file?  Where do I go to change those settings?

  • Typically, the teams are added automatically when a file is created through the Action List that pulls to the file when the Product is selected.
  • The coordinator is set as the Responsible Party for the actions from the action group (see # 5 above). The coordinator pulls the team to the file. The responsible party (coordinator) set on the global action within an action group drives which coordinator type shows in the Coordinator Assignment grid on the General tab of a file.
  • The default team set on the coordinator (see # 4 above) drives which teams show in the Teams Available for Assignment grid on the General tab of a file and the start and complete assignments that show on the Actions tab.

Updated on May 5, 2022

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