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Triggers: Outstanding Checks


This demonstrates how to set up and use the outstanding checks trigger in Resware.  This can be used to indicate which checks have not cleared in a specified number of days, as indicated by a system setting or by a partner type, so users can follow up on them.

Enable the office option

Admin/General Setup/Offices/Edit Office/Partners

  • Enable the office option for Enable Trigger for Outstanding Checks 

Enable the ledger option

Admin/Bank Accounts/Ledgers

  • Select a ledger that should have outstanding checks reported and click Edit.
  • Click Look for Outstanding Checks.
  • Save.

Add the global action and trigger to an action group

Admin/Action Lists/Global Actions

  • Click Add to add a new action that will be used when a check is outstanding.
  • Enter an Action Name and a Display Name.
    • If _CheckInfo_ is used in the Display Name, the related check’s number, amount, and payee will be displayed on the action when it’s added to a file.
  • Save.

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups/Edit Actions

  • Select an action group and click Edit Actions.
  • Click Add Action.
  • Select the Action that was added from above and check the Dynamic and Keep Alive options.
  • Select a Responsible Party for both the Start Task and Complete Task sections.
  • Save.

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups/Edit Triggers

  • Select an action group and click Edit Triggers.
  • Select the Outstanding Checks External Trigger.
    • In 1 – Marking Done Creates Action, select the group and action from the step above.
    • In 3 – Marking Done Affects Action, select the same group and action and select Start from the Task drop- down.
  • Save.


Set the number of days a check can be outstanding before the trigger fires

Admin/General Setup/Resware Options/Accounting

  • Enter a number in the Number of Days to Consider a Check Outstanding box.
    • This is a system-wide setting and will apply to all checks issued in the system.

  • Edit a partner type and enter a number in the # of Days Until a Check is Outstanding box.
    • This partner setting will override the system setting in Resware Options.
    • Utilizing this partner-type option may be useful for checks issued to partners like payoff lenders, where payoffs not clearing in a timely manner may result in additional fees.
  • Click Save.

Example on a file

Each day, Resware will search for checks that have been issued and not cleared.  The dates of these checks will be compared to the outstanding date settings on the partner type, if set, and in Resware Options.  If the check is older than the threshold, the Outstanding Checks trigger will fire.  It will only fire once per check, unless the action related to the trigger is completed.  If the action is marked as being completed and the check has not been voided or cleared, the trigger will fire for that check and a new action will be added the next day.

Updated on January 5, 2022

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