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NOTE: When requesting Fidelity jackets, mapped endorsements do not show in the Fields and Endorsements section of the jacket questions panel. If the agent is not flagged for auto-reporting with Fidelity, then endorsement and fee information is not sent with jacket requests.

Auto-reporting allows Fidelity to collect all the necessary data from the jacket request (including jacket liabilities, premiums, endorsement premiums, other fees, etc.) and auto-report those for payment, rather than the agent having to create a remittance report to submit. When auto-reporting is disabled for an agent, Fidelity does not send fee and endorsement information back to Resware for use with jacket request submissions.

To enable auto-reporting with Fidelity, agents should reach out to their Fidelity agency representative.


The underwriter endorsement I want to map to doesn’t show up in the Edit Partner\Underwriter\State Based\Endorsements\Add\[Underwriter] Endorsement Mapping dropdown. How do I get it added?

The Underwriter Endorsements tables are updated through the Jacket Questions panel for Fidelity, First American, NATIC, Old Republic, Stewart, Westcor, and WFG.

  1. Create a file with the desired underwriter and property state.
  2. Choose Policy/Generate/Generate/Request Jacket.
  3. Log in with your credentials.
  4. Each time you select a Jacket Type, Resware queries the underwriter for a list of applicable endorsements and adds missing ones to the underwriter endorsements table.
  5. Note that you don’t need to create a jacket using this process.
  6. Go back to the Edit Partner/Underwriter/State Based/Endorsements/Add/Endorsement Mapping dropdown and you should see all new endorsements, if any.

For ANTIC in 9.13+, endorsements are populated through the Underwriter Data panel.

  1. Edit the underwriter partner and click on the Underwriter button.
  2. Select the state in the State-Based tab and then click on the Import Endorsements button in the Endorsement section.
  3. You will see a popup where the imported underwriter endorsements can be mapped to existing Resware endorsements. If there are no endorsement rows in the popup, then the endorsements need to be added to Resware before they can be mapped.

I’m getting an error about too many buyers or sellers on a file when trying to get a CPL from an underwriter.

This error is coming from the underwriter, such as First American.  Since it’s their error, there’s nothing that Adeptive can do to get around it.  Some suggestions:

  • Try to remove some of the sellers or buyers.  This may work, but Resware won’t allow it if the buyer or seller has been used somewhere on the file already.
  • Create a secondary file to issue the CPL.
  • Log into the underwriter’s website and create the CPL from there.
  • One customer contacted First American Support because the file wasn’t showing up in AgentNet.  ASC told the customer to send an email to the agency support team to have a manual CPL generated.  The number for ASC is on the error message from the underwriter.

The CPL Lender data is greyed out when trying to request a CPL and all the information is N/A.

This is likely the result of that there is no lender selected on the New Loans tab yet. 

Updated on May 11, 2022

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