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Videos and Reference Guides


These quick reference guides and videos provide a fast and easy way to learn about the features in Resware.


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Creating Sample/Test ChecksClick hereEnd-user
Fund Claims System – Incoming WiresClick hereClick hereAdmin
Posting Proceeds When Amounts are DifferentClick hereEnd-user
Remittance LedgerClick hereEnd-user
Set Up a Trust LedgerClick hereAdmin


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Action Role RightsClick hereAdmin
Add Coordinators and TeamsClick hereAdmin
Introduction to ActionsClick hereAdmin


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Create Barcode DocumentClick hereAdmin
Documents OverviewClick hereEnd-user


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Add, Remove, Rearrange ColumnsClick hereClick hereEnd-user
Homepage LayoutClick hereClick hereEnd-user
Manage Team Queue with ColorsClick hereClick hereEnd-user
ResWare BasicsClick hereEnd-user


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Order Entry OverviewClick hereEnd-user
Create a new File by Copying from a FileClick hereClick hereEnd-user
Create a new File from the New File WizardClick hereClick hereEnd-user
Create a new File from the ResWare WebsiteClick hereClick hereEnd-user
Copy Data and/or Documents from File to FileClick hereClick hereEnd-user
Import New FilesClick hereClick hereEnd-user
Searching for FilesClick hereEnd-user


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Add Notes from Multiple LocationsClick hereClick hereEnd-user
Associate or Disassociate Notes from Multiple ItemsClick hereClick hereEnd-user
Search NotesClick hereClick hereEnd-user
View File Notes from Multiple LocationsClick hereEnd-user


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Add New Office in ResWareClick hereAdmin


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Auto-adding Partners Using ActionsClick hereAdmin


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
ePN eRecording ServiceClick hereEnd-user
Import Recording Fees Debited from SimplifileClick hereAdmin
Simplifile eRecording ServiceClick hereEnd-user


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Data Grid ReportsClick hereEnd-user

Search Data

TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Search Data OverviewClick hereClick hereEnd-user
Subdivisions: Admin Setup and UsageClick hereAdmin

Settlement / New Loans

TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Files with Multiple Loans AdminClick hereAdmin
Files with Multiple Loans End-UserClick hereEnd-user
Introduction to the Closing DisclosureClick hereEnd-user
Introduction to the Closing Disclosure: Refi/ARMClick hereEnd-user
Settlement OverviewClick hereEnd-user
Transactions After ClosingClick hereEnd-user

Shipping Services

TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Shipping Services OverviewClick hereEnd-user


TopicVideo/RecordingWritten GuideAudience
Auto-Adding EndorsementsClick hereAdmin
First American Rates and eRemittancesClick hereAdmin
Set Up Over the Limit TriggerClick hereAdmin
Updated on October 5, 2023

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